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CCC Gold March 6th


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I am headed down to Jacksonville from Boston next weekend to make a CCC Gold attempt starting on Sunday, March 6th. I will be leaving Boston in the wee early hours of Friday the 4th, expecting to arrive in Jacksonville late Friday night.


Below is the best approximation of how I think my ride will shape up. I'm using the coast to coast gas planner and am all set with locations for fuel along the route.


All comments on the sanity of my plan are very much welcome as are offers for witnesses for the start/stop in Jacksonville and the turn around in San Diego.


Thank you in advance,





Depart Jacksonville, FL

Sunday March 6

Start time - 5:00 AM EST


Arrive San Diego, CA

Monday March 7

End Time - 8:00 PM PST 11:00 PM EST


~2400 Miles

57.5 MPH overall average

70.5 MPH Moving average

42 Hours total elapsed time to San Diego

34 Hours travel time

8 hours stop time

11 Tanks of gas

9 Gas Stops on the clock

12 minutes/gas stop



Stop Times

4 hours sleep time in Van Horn, TX.

2 Hours Gas Stops

2 hours misc reserve time.

6 - 8 hours planned sleep time in san diego


Total Stop Time 16 Hours



Depart San Diego, CA

Tuesday March 8

Start Time - 4:00 AM PST 7:00 AM EST


Arrive Jacksonville, FL

Thursday March 10

End Time - 5:00 AM EST


~2400 Miles

50.0 MPH overall average

67 MPH Moving average

48 Hours total time

36 Hours travel time

12 hours stop time

11 Tanks of gas

9 Gas Stops on the clock

12 minutes/gas stop

~2:00 hours gas stop time

10:00 hours of rest/misc stop time.



Stop Times

6 - 8 hours sleep time in Beaumont, TX.

2 Hours Gas Stops

4 hours misc reserve time.


Total Stop Time 14 Hours



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