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Just got my Schuberth C3 and Comm System


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Well, after today, I am about 1K poorer but I believe it was worth it.


Picked up a new Schuberth C3 (Gloss Black) and the optional Bluetooth wireless headset.


First impressions, especially compared to my Schuberth C2, it is MUCH more comfortable out of the box (literally), a bit lighter and just a tad more plusher.


I haven't had the opportunity to get the helmet out on a ride yet, but I don't anticipate any glitches as I have had 5 Schuberth helmets and all have been great. The only downside is the price. It is NOT cheap, but I have found that a quality built item rarely is (Ohlins, etc.)


Oh, and I got it at the IMS show in Greenville and it was $100.00 off the total normal price plus NO SALES TAX, so I couldn't pass it up.



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Hey Chris Congrats on that!


I hopefully will have one on my doorstep very soon this week (White) The safest color so far. I hope it is everything that I hear it is! I currently have a C2 so sizing and fit should be about the same. (Medium White) No optional BT attachment headset but I doubt I will need it. I like very much hearing about the lighter aspect of it.



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Thanks for the report on the Schuberth C3, I too have the C2 and years ago had a BMW system helmet which was a Schuberth. I'm glad to hear that it's lighter than the C2. I ordered mine at the end of last week and hope I'll see it sometime this week. I too got white and suspect everyone will tell me I look like an Imperial Storm Trooper from Star Wars. I really like Schuberth, not crazy about the price, but you get what you pay for.......glad to hear that they have a replacement program and a 5 year warranty. Thanks again for your report. Don

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