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Two Wheels Only Closing


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Sad day.


GT Feb 24 05:45PM -0500


We Regret to inform you that Two Wheels Only will cease operation on March 15th 2011.


We'd like to thank all of you who supported this establishment and the local community for the last 29 years. It's been a fun ride!


Unfortunately the inheritors of the property that Two Wheels Only sits on would not renew the ground lease, do a month to month rent until they sold their property, or sell us the separate parcel of land that the resort is on.

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Sad to see as I remember when they opened, saw the article in Rider Magazine, and went there the first year they opened. A group of us did a Blood Run up the mountain with the owner, and I was passed by a BMW on a sharp curve, while riding my Goldwing. Got my BMW after that trip!

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I was there years ago, and that's where I got the BMW bug. I met a couple returning from an Around The World trip (the Ratays - http://www.ultimatejourney.com/ ) and they sat around the campfire and told us tales of their journey, with their ratty F650s in the background. There was a copy of ON lying around, and I joined and found my first BMW, a 1973 R75/5. Fond memories. This sucks.



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I have wonderful memories of TWO. I'm very sorry it's closing. That is an idyllic setting, but hopefully it can recreate itself somewhere else.


Laney and I made a point of visiting on our excellent adventure. I'll never forget pulling down that steep gravel drive, pitching tents and moving the tents (ha ha ha), the owners pouring two thirsty gals a glass of wine from their private stock (we didn't know it was a dry county), laughing, sharing breakfast with new and old friends, signing the shirt/wall, and Baker heroically riding our bikes up that steep gravel drive for us :) I'm very sad that future riders aren't going to get to pitch their tents at TWO in Suches, GA.


TWO street view















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They should have bought Dale's gas station when it was available and put the gathering place and restaurant on that one site across the street. Camping may not have been so easily solved, but not as many people went there for that as for the food and bench racing.

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That sucks! I have long wanted to go there and never made it.

I think I may have to run there this weekend. Or maybe next. How's the camping weather in GA these days?


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A tragedy, so sad, it was my get away place. I made my decision to join the BMW club there. I discovered people like me there. If any of you are interested in researching puchcasing this place, I'm in. If you have not been there you have sadly missed out.

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I am up for a day ride out of Atlanta if anyone else is interested. Have to watch the weather to see what the weekend brings. It sure was nice here this weekend, would have been perfect.

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Matt, you are welcome to use my house if you need a stop over in ATL coming and/or going. I would be up for a ride there this Saturday but am unable to get off this week.

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Never actually camped there (we setup shop in a cabin down the road), but we hung out there when the Buell riders (and factory - RIP) had their March Badness there. Sad to see them close. They always seemed to have a lot of folks there, so I'm surprised to see them close.



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so sorry to hear. I've been fortunate to camp there twice. Found it by accident the first time as Deal's Gap was a little too hectic and started riding south. What a cool place I thought. Totally committed to motorcycle camping. The showers were more than adequate and the bench racing spectacular.


another cool thing in life no more.



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I will miss GT's hamburgers and I hope he lands on his feet..nice guy.


The new operators of Dales don't like motorcycles and the owners of TWO don't want us there. Maybe the Harley guys can have a new slogan, "Loud Pipes Get You Run Out of Town".


Gil Horsley

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