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red light video


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Thanks for that sobering reminder, Bob Long ago I used to stomp on the gas when the light turned green. Riding changed my thinking. I'm lucky, so far.

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My old Latin American driving habits still hold. With a red light look behind you. With a green light look left and right. When taking a exit at a highway look to make sure nobody is passing you on the shoulder.

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I never look left and right on the green light. Not at my usual speed. I would have no time for avoidance anyway.

It would only be a flash from one side or the other.

Then I suppose some county personnel would have to pick me up and take me down to north Mission Road. Well, I been down there before.


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I always look left and right on a green light, especially if it just turned green. Also I look back on a red light and generally pull to the side of the lane to stop, in case someone is comming up too fast from behind. I look for folks passing on the shoulder only if riding in Texas :grin:

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We almost always have the distinction :/ of being # 1 or #2 in the state in either red light running or speeding, or both.


Like Kathy I did do the stomp, but not any more...

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