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R11xx RT aux fuel


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I think someone on advrider.com did one on the top box rack. Welded aluminum. Must handle very nasty in a swerve maneuver. PIO can cause problems.

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Look here: fuel cell


I have a similar set up, mouned on a spare passenger seat. The fuel drains by gravity in to the main tank. You have to drill the steel fuel pump/filter plate on the fuel tank of the bike, and install a barb. You can't do gravity feed by T-ing in to the fuel injection pressure line that exits the bike's tank.




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Yep. I don't know which brand those are, but the mount looks like one A and S sells here:


then you would mount a peg of your choice (preferably a folding one, like in the pic).


I have something like them, but a little bulkier in that it also works as "cylinder protection" ... sadly, it puts the peg in a place that's totally uncomfortable for me (which is about the same place as the one in the pic YMMV).



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I can't recall where he got those but yeah, highway pegs


I went with the Sparkies- the fold out elf pegs from Sahara. cleaner looking but I think not actually as effective. Also way expensive.



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