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DD 430

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As some of you know my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just before Christmas. She was given a 2nd opinion at Dana Farber in Boston by the doctor in the following video:




It's a short video that goes through the symptoms of the disease and it'd be worth sharing with those around you that you care about - it may save their lives.


My wife had surgery the day after Christmas and, this coming Monday, will begin 18 weeks of chemotherapy so, again, any loose prayers that you got hanging around - we've got a good use for them.

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Thank you for sharing that video. Your wife and you are in my thoughts for a full recovery. What a shocking ordeal, but in this day and age may everything be in your favor.


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Thanks for all of the prayers and good thoughts. 5 hours of IV chemo (Taxol) began today. Tomorrow IP Cisplatin begins. She's experienced no ill effects. I'm married to Super Woman. 1/2 week down 17 1/2 more weeks to go. We're on the way.

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