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Schuberth C3 ride report


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I have about a week with a half dozen rides and several hundred miles on my new Schuberth C3. In a word, “wow”. This is everything I had hoped for. Quieter than my C2, lighter than anything I have ever worn and as easy to operate as my Nolan N103. I think Schuberth copied the new Nolan because it seems very similar and very easy to use. All pads come out for cleaning and head-set installation. The Autocom head-set was a breeze to install (unlike the C2) and ended up with a very neat looking installation with the speaker recesses located correctly for my ears. Music and cell phone is loud and clear at 80mph with no ear plugs. It is the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever used. The internal shield works great and is larger (better) than on the C2. I did install black tape on the top of the internal shield to act as a “visor” when riding into the sun and that works great also. Both the primary shield and internal shield can be easily removed for cleaning with no tools or hassle. A bit pricey but I’m worth it. Highly recommended!!

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