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Yes, grout. My tile seems to clean fine with a mop and soapy water, but my grout does not. A couple of weeks ago I used a grout cleaner and brush, on my hands and knees, and then resealed it, on my hands and knees. It already looks bad again.


Some say these new steam cleaners are the way to go. But Consumer Reports doesn't seem enthralled. However, they tested them on vinyl against heavy spills. I am more interested in routine cleaning.


How do you keep your grout looking new and on color, or do you?

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I think John has the right answer. We had whiteish(okay white) grout in another house in the kitchen floor. Tile clean. Grout dirty looking. Never will I do that again.

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Try Clorox Clean Up?.......Spray it on and let it sit for a while after concerted brushing..Rinse off.........Bleaches out stains pretty well.....

Careful with clothing....I've bleached spots on a number of shirts... :(

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The key is putting in "dirt colored grout" in the first place :grin:





The only answer.


BTDT, too, but there is at least one other option. There are grout colorants that can be applied to grout after it has cured, to stain the grout to a different and more uniformly "dirty" color (after another stint on hands and knees to remove as much grout sealant as possible first). A good tile store, and maybe some big-box home improvement store would carry them. It is a tedious job, but it works.

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