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Hey everyone, I'm home!!! 119 days!!! (Very wordy but then PICTURES!!!)


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Hi everybody!!! It's Amelia....or as Mom and Dad call me, Peanut. :) They're silly.


I wanted to bounce on in and give a hearty, "Wassssuuuppppppp!?!?!?!"


To get caught up on my time at the spa, SEE HERE.


I have to say, spa life was so fun and cool and neat. I mean, really, who gets to hang out with some of the best peeps in the world for 119 days!! I had a tanning bed, a heated bed, a gated community, breakfast, lunch, AND dinner in bed. If I wanted a snack, BAM, room service too!!


I see that Dad has done a great job of keeping most things up to date but that he hasn't posted anything since the 21st of January. Gee, Dad, what gives? Just kidding!! I have to be careful, I have my eyes on some cool motorcycle boots that I hope to get for my birthday so I should cut him, and Mom, some slack I suppose.


OK, so here's the 411 on what has gone on since then. I'll try to keep it short, or as Mom and Dad say, 'the Reader's Digest version.' What's reader's Digest? I have no idea what that is. Oh well. LOL!


After Dad posted on the 21st, the Dr. called and said that they may have messed up on the test for Hirschsprung's Disease. They said that although they originally saw ganglion cells (that's good) they now thought that this was in error and they are not sure if they do now. Mom and Dad had a really bad day that day. I've never seen Dad cry like that. I wanted to hold his hand with my hands but I haven't found them yet so they just flail around a bit. It's fun most of the time but I saw Dad was really hurting like I've never seen before and it was a bit frustrating. Thank goodness he had my nurses come to his rescue. They all talked with him and hugged him and helped him work through all he was going through. They put up the privacy curtains and surrounded him. wow, they not only took care of me but they took such great care of them too. I could never thank them enough. I've overheard Mom and Dad say that they just have no idea how to thank them for all they have done.


Anyway, Mom and Dad had to endure through the whole weekend and in to the next before they got the news that it was definitive that the ganglion cells were there. PHEW!!!! I was worried because Dad and the nurses were all talking about how they were supposed to do the rectal biopsy again at 3 on Wednesday, January 26. Uhh, hello!!!!! That just feels weird. Well, the Doctor called right before it was all supposed to happen with teh great news that it was 100% definitive and confirmed, NO Hirschsprung's! Dad cried again! Dad told me that Mom did too. You see, she was back at work so I didn't get to see her as much. Bummer! They were still staying in the RV in the parking lot almost every night so we hung out every night. It was fun!


After this, the next test I took was a modified barium swallow. I did this on Friday, January 28th. OK, EWWWW!! That stuff is gross. I had to swallow it to see why I was taking in all this air when I ate. Ugh!!! Nope, no hole in my esophagus or trachea. The Doctor did find a possible dent in my esophagus though. Mom and Dad explained to me that this could be what they were told could be a vascular ring. OK, now they're scaring me! I could see it on their faces and now I was getting scared too.


Plans were made and I found out I had to leave Sutter Roseville and go to Sutter Memorial as the special equipment they needed was down there. Ooh, I was excited!!!! ROAD TRIP!!!!!!


Sunday came and I got to ride down to Sutter Memorial in an ambulance. This was cool because I know my Dad used to work on one all the time. He says he drives the big red truck now as an Engineer but still, "plays on the box", every once in a while as a Paramedic. Cool!!!!! The nurse I rode down with was so nice. She hung out with me and explained what the stuff on the walls and in the cabinets was. She called Mom and Dad right away once we got to Sutter Memorial.


I didn't sleep real well at Sutter Memorial. I didn't have my comfy, quiet, cozy room with my cool nurses. Instead I was in what Mom and Dad called an open barracks. Bright lights, lots of babies, noisy, and just not anything like the spa I came from.


Monday, January 31 came way too early. dad was there just after 6 in the morning and the nurses got me an IV. We then went down and had an MRA. Let me tell you, FAIL! No fun at all. I had to be intubated and the Doctor gave me this stuff called propofol. Dad joked that it was called Milk of Amnesia. Really? Uh, like YEA!! I don't remember any of it other than the horrible sore throat I had afterward along with being soooooo tired.


What a long day that was! It came back negative. Everything was just fine. The Doctor then said that the final test would be an endoscopy.


More Milk of Amnesia. Tired!!! It also came back negative.


Hey guys, can we see a trend here?!?!? I'M FINE!!!! I

m just gonna do it my way and on my time. Sheesh, I could have told them all that.


So, Mom goes and talks to one of my really cool Doctors. She gets her to send me back to Sutter Roseville. Thanks Mommy!!!!! My heart rate never dropped below 160 at Sutter Memorial adn I could not get any good sleep. I was getting bags under my eyes and all the spa work was getting ruined. FAIL!!!


Once I got back to Roseville, Mom and Dad met with me and the Doctor. They said that it was time to see me fly. How cool was that!!! I'm named after Amelia Earhart and it's now MY turn to fly!!!


The feeding tube comes out and I am told by Mom and Dad to sink or swim. Eat or else I get a g-tube. OK, OK!!!!!!! I'll eat.


I work hard and so do my nurses and Mom and Dad. I really need you all to really understand here just how hard everyone was working. I was trying my best but just needed some help. I got it!! Thanks Mom, Dad, and to all you cool nurses, I LOVE YOU!!!!


Monday, February 7 comes around and the Doctor has asked Mom and Dad if they would stay the night with me in "the special room." How cool!! Mom and Dad say it's like staying at a Marriott or Best Western. We have a big room, Mom and Dad have a bed for them, I have a place for my crib, there's this thing called a TV and a DVD player, a clock radio, a shower. Wow, how cool. I get to stay with Mom and Dad all night! No nurses come in all night. I sleep so good and Mom and Dad say I eat perfectly, just like I'm supposed to!


I let Mom and Dad sleep in a bit. Once they get up, my girlfriend Kim comes in with coffee for Mom and Dad on a tray. They are all misty eyed and happy. Kim comes back in a bit and asks if we have had breakfast yet. Mom and Dad say that they just finished feeding me but they will get something in a bit. I would have told Kim that I was full and had eaten but I haven't found my words yet. Frustrating!


A bit more time cgoes by and suddenly this strange man comes in teh room. He's all dressed up nice too. He come in with two big trays with this really cool smelling food - ham and cheese omelet, parfait, oatmeal, juice, more coffee, toast. WOW!!! Mom and Dad are crying again. Man, they sure do cry a lot!!


Dad gets showered and dressed and then Mom does. Then one of my cool Doctors come in and checks me out. He pokes, prods, listens to my belly, heart, lungs, talks to Mom and Dad, and then, and then........he says the most amazing thing EVER!!!!


"OK, you're going home today."


Shock, disbelief, more crying, tears, sobs, ugh, Mom and Dad are gonna embarrass me my whole life aren't they?


Mom and Dad tell me I get to play all day with my nurse and staff friends while they run some errands and I finally get to go HOME and hang out with Hook and Ladder, my mini schnauzers.


So, here it is, February 8, 2011. 119 days after I showed up, I'm going home!!! HOME!!! HOOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, this has been really long and Dad has told me that it was not Reader's Digest (what IS that?) version and I should stop here and just let you see some pics. OK, next post will be pics.


Thanks to everyone of you!! I can't wait to meet you and thank you all personally for the gifts, the thoughts, the prayers, and the support you gave Mom and Dad. They say there was no way they could have made it without you and God.


I just remind them that this is our family and that they should not be surprised. We all share the good and the bad and then come together and share some tasty roads and then lie about it that night. Next day, rinse, repeat.


OK, Dad said I should add that last paragraph. Also, one more....


Life's Great,


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OK, no particular order really. Mom and Dad have so many pics it's hard.


Hoodies are cool!!




Pretty in Pink




After that NASTY MRA. I'm tired!!




I'm getting bigger!! (See original post for first pic like this.)




An RV sunset.




BMW FINALLY paid Dad for his GT!!




One of a kind!! YUP, that's me!!!




Dad and I had a lot of fun making fun with the CPR mannequin. :)




Yes, this one is me, the REAL one.




I wasn't kidding. Hi Kim!!!




The nurses hid me and let Mom and Dad find the CPR mannequin where I was supposed to be. Hee Hee!!!!




We're going HOME!!!






Hi Hook, I'm Amelia!!




No words necessary!!




Don't make me come get you.




I'm hiding from everyone. Hook and Ladder never found me!!





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Okay...I'll be the first to post. You are such a cutie pie and such a great story teller. Just like Mom and Dad! Hope to get to meet you soon and glad to see all of you home. Thanks for sharing!!!! :wave:

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I just got back from my Pediatrician. He says I'm doing great. As of today, I am 9 lbs., 5.5 oz.


I think I have this eating thing down though I mess up some times and take a lot of air. Mom and Dad just keep trying and I keep trying too. I'll grow out of it soon, I promise Mom and Dad!!


Dad has some other cool pics that he hasn't gotten on our SmugMug site yet. I have my own room, my own big girl crib, and stuff like that. It's cool!!!


Dad's at work right now. Daddy, be safe and come home!!! Mom and I are hanging out. We went and visited the NICU after my doctor appointment. I miss them so much!!! Mom is home for a while. Gee, I sure hope she gets to just stay home all the time soon!


OK, my daily internet time is up. I need to go eat anyway. See everyone real soon I hope!!!!!


Oh, Uncle Whip, what do Mom and Dad mean when they say that you are gonna take me shopping, Texas style? Should I be scared?


Auntie Mama Hoon, Dad says that one hug and a smooch from you is all it takes. What does he mean? I do remember you and Uncle Jamie coming to see me. Thank you!!!!


Uncle Bob and Susie, I wanna crawl on to your laps and hug on you a bit. Mom and Dad said that you hugged Mom and Dad A LOT and it was good.


Uncle Joe and Juanita, magic. It really is magic!


Uncle Sebastian, I can't stop running my hands over it and hugging it.


Uncle Dave, I heard you in my prayers and dreams. I think we prayed the same thing many times. Thank you.


Uncle Francois and Nina, I can't wait to see you in Europe. Dad says it's a great place.


Uncle Bob and Janet, K-I-S-S-I-N-G........(Dad said you'd laugh.)


I know I'm not getting everyone in here. I will. It's just all a bit overwhelming to think how many of you have been with me and Mom and Dad this whole time. Can't wait for Torrey, Ouray, an UN, Death Valley, and some of my Dad and Mom's tech days. I'll come up to you! You're all my family.

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What a wonderful introduction and an equally wonderful story you tell. And years from now, you'll look back on this post and appreciate even more what your Mom and Dad did for you and the challenges you've overcome.


Mike O

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Danny caddyshack Noonan


Welcome home! Tell Dad to get a bike for taking on the passes in a few months. I'm sure he can use a TMR (therapeutic motorcycle ride).

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Welcome Home youngster, I can't wait to meet you... hopefully soon.

Don't let all these people kid you to much.. even you know that it will be awhile till ya get a motorcycle, but till than ya might drop some hints of a side hack for pops ride.

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Hey, no fair, you made me cry.


Having 4 of 6 grandkids spend a lot of weeks in the NICU, I know what a neat place it is for kids. But come on, you kinda overstayed your welcome, didn't you????


What a lucky girl to have so many bikers on your side. No one will mess with you.


Welcome Home. :clap:

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Mom and Dad are gonna embarrass me my whole life aren't they?


Yes, yes they will. But that's a good thing! Hope to see you somewhere down the road!

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she is an amazing writer/story teller for such a young kid. wait til she starts talking, which i predict will be soon.


congrats to all. get on with a great life.

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If Team Schnauzer had real tails, we'd be wagging them so much they'd probably fall off anyway. Incredible journey so far, and we hope things continue to get better. :clap:

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My wife and I just caught up on your voyage and our hearts are bursting with joy. 1&2, you'll never be able to hear a story like this again without tears.


Amelia, you've paid your dues. May you have a long and happy life, free of pain, illness, and heartache. You've a great set of parents there, appreciate them every second of every day.


Mike and Kim

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The thought of Amelia popped into my head about 20 minutes ago and I had to search the forum to get a status update (then spent 20 minutes reading the 'readers digest version' (do they have an app for that?) Wonderful news!


Congrats and you two have to make the best parents, the time, energy and love that you have already spent with her will be a great building block.


See you soon, can't wait to meet her.



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Yup, Team Green is definitely your color Amelia! :thumbsup: Psst, tell dad me no want Dora doll, KLX please! :grin:


Glad to see this!




I love this shot, she's going to be a handfull :clap:

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Sorry I haven't posted update photos. If you have Facebook and have me as a contact you can see some recent ones.


Well, Amelia has hit the big 6 months old as of April 13. For perspective, she sill has 4 months of that as hospital time.......but, already, those days seem to becoming just memories. The days are now smiles and laughter and new adventures as Amelia grows, finds her feet, finds her voice, and other things we all take for granted.


She had her 6 month appt. on Wednesday and is now 11 lbs., 13 oz.. Other than being a 6 month old that only weighs what she does there are absolutely no signs that she was a preemie other than some scars (very small) from the IVs. That's it.


I can not wait for everyone to see her and meet her for those who have not yet. We are going to try for Spring Torrey but it's only 50/50 at this point. We'll see.


Oh, Jamie is now an Executive Upbringing Manager as she no longer works at Blue Shield. She is truly excited in her new role!!!


Again, to all the well wishes, the gifts, the thoughts, the energy, the prayers, and the support of best friends, THANK YOU!!! I've said it before but you all carrie us at times and having you there meant more than we could possibly convey back. I know Jamie and I have failed to respond back to more personally to everyone for everything. It's been a struggle while in the hospital and we are still working on putting the house back together after 4 months of neglect. Let alone the dogs and their turned upside world.


I'll work on pics within the next week!


Thanks everyone!

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Les is more

I wish you nothing but bliss from here on out--remember that when dealing with a 3 year old, 8 year old, 13 year old, etc. :)


Amelia is beautiful. It warms my heart to see the joy flood over and erase all of those hospital woes.


Love you all.

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The more I think about it, the more certain I am that the topic of motorcycles is just a another way, another road, for all of us to get to know each other and ourselves, one mile at a time. Proud of you all.

We are all members of "Team Amelia"

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Hey, it's been waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long since I stopped in and said hello!




Dad is been really happy lately as most of you know - his BMWs are gone, his Super Tenere is here, he got promoted to Captain, Mom gets to stay at home and hang with me full time, I'm super healthy and have all my pieces and parts and am now officially just a kid. No more preemie growth chart stuff!!!!!! Yeah me!!!!!!


Anywho, I sure hope to see as many of you as I can next month in Torrey!!! I'll be there. You won't be able to miss me as I'll be the one ready to ride all the time!! Yea, I know, we'll all probably have to wait for Uncle Richard but, hey, it wouldn't be Torrey or any other event without that. I am starting to work on riding like a girl just like my pals Nora and Laney and Lisa and Leslie and Shannon.






Dad, you're scaring me!!!! And quite possibly scarring me along the way!!!




Where is that cutie Bynum boy?




Fake smile! It's not a fiddy!!




You know you'd buy a mattress from me!!!




Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I am practicing to pick up where Mama Hoon left off with regard to the hugs! Who wants one?




MOM THE 80's ARE OVER!!!!! Quit dressing me like this!!!!




If I could only touch the footpegs Id be outta here!!!!!!





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Who's that ugly guy holding that cute little girl???? :grin:


You mean this one?




He's the definition of why The Wife is called the better half. :grin:

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She looks like she's ready to show Steven who's boss! Love it! Hope we can make Torrey to meet her! Oh yeah, and to see you and Jamie, of course! :)

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Hey everyone!!!!! Amelia here.


Just wanted to come on in and say hi. Only been lurking for too long. I was hoping to get to hang with everyone in Torrey but Dad said that the truck needed some money spent on it and we needed to do that instead. I was really bummed!!!!!!!!!! I offered my stroller but he Mom and Dad said it would take too long to get there that way. Oh well, try again later.


Oh, btw, I'm now one year old!!! October 13 was my one year birthday. Can you believe it? ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!!!! Hard to believe so much time has gone by!!


I'll post up some more pics in a day or two but I just wanted to get this sneak peek up. Mom and Dad took me to a photo shoot with a real pro photographer this morning and we took a whole bunch of pics! Here's the sneak peek one she just sent over....




More to follow! See ya soon!!



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