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What's up in F1?


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I only saw a teaser on Dave Despain's Wind Tunnel show. He was talking about turmoil in F1 - races cancelled and teams going under? I didn't give it my full attention.


So, is somebody willing to fill me in?

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Opening race in Bahrain canceled due to political turmoil going on in country.


Don't know anything additional about other races or F1 in total as there being big problems or not.


Although political turmoil around the world could affect the rich who support these races in general.

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Apparently, Australia is running this year but not next. Not at the current location anyway. Bernie Ecclestone doesn't appear phased as he believes that, at the time of day we run it, there's little world audience anyway.


Linz :)

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Thanks, folks. Loss of the Bahrain race is no tragedy. I am on record in this forum as describing that event as soulless.


I hope that the current turmoil results in good things for the locals.

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