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I saw a movie last night called (IP Man). About a brilliant martial arts man who studied and mastered this technique called

(Wing Chun).Takes place around 1937 when Japan attacked China. It is amazing. The history of Wing Chun is that Wing Chun was a woman in China and she was told by the Emperor that she would have to marry him. she said she did not want to and so the emperor told her that if he could beat her in a martial arts fest, that he would let her go. So this tiny woman studied and invented this technique for close up combat.

She won and was released. I do not practice Martial Arts but I was at the Gym tonight playing Basketball with a couple buddies of mine who are really serious martial artists and I mentioned this to them and they proceeded to show me some of the moves in Wing Chun. I swear in the demonstration they did, if they had hit me, I think it could have killed me. But I gave them the history lesson in wing chun that they did not know about. If you get a chance please watch this movie. It had me in tears.

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