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Where is the VIN stamped on an R1100RT?


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I'm trying to get my CA bike registered here in Indiana, and someone at the BMV needs to be able to read the VIN. The Clymer manual says it is on the righ-hand side of the front frame(?). Does that mean I have to take off the whole right side panel to see it? Sorry for the stupid question, but I don't do much wrenching. Any help is appreciated!

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It's at the very top of the frame at the steering stem directly underneath where the right side handlebar is attached. It should be completely visible with the plastic on the bike.

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Not a stupid question at all in my opinion. It was legit.

If you dont know where to look for it, how would you know without asking? Glad you figured it out. You should have no trouble registering it from out of state. You may need to jump through a few hoops and fill out a few forms you normally wouldn't, maybe even get a vin and or safety inspection, but other than that you have no trouble.

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