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Scandanavian Adventure


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My wife applied and was accepted to teach water coloring classes for a number of cruise lines. We have chosen 3 cruises by Cunard to go on this summer. A Transatlantic from New York to Southampton, a 12 day Scandinavian Adventure followed by a Transatlantic back to New York City.


For the Scandinavian Adventure Cruise, we will be stopping at the following cities/towns in Norway and Denmark; Aalesand, Flaam, Stavanger, Oslo, Elsinore and Aarhus.


We are probably going to spend most of our time adventuring ourselves rather than going on offshore cruise tours.


If anyone has any recommendations for sights, restaurants, outdoor cafes or pubs that we should go to, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Wohoo! Sounds like a great summer ahead for you.


In Oslo, fresh shrimp right from the deck kettles of the shrimp boats as they land at the city warf right in front of City Hall. If you can/have the time, a quick bus ride to Lillehammer to the hillside hotel with the underground tunnel to the roof top across the street. Great view and great beer. Don't remember the name of the place but it's well known by all in that city. Have fun. :thumbsup:

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Be sure you're on deck when the ship passes under the Varrizano Narrows bridge. If it's high tide, you'll want to duck. :D


Also, be sure you're out when it docks in Southampton. Beautiful farmland on the port side, & on starboard I said to myself, "are they going to put THIS in THERE?!"


A great trip The Wife & I did on the QM2 in '05. Even met John Cleese on the elevator. You'll love it.


Oh, did you know it's the same route the Titanic took? Just a bit of trivia. :Cool:

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In Norway, while in Flåm (Flaam), you should take a ride on the Flåmsbana (sp?). It's one of the most scenic train routes in the world that wends its way up into the mountains. The scenery is amazing.

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In Helsingør (Elsinore) there is a technical museum with some interesting exhibits. Not too far away there is the renowned Louisiana art gallery. As well as a few castles open to the public.


In Aarhus there is a famous art gallery, Aros. Also 'Den Gamle By' (the old town). See Wikipedia.


It's probably too early for your cruise, but another attraction during May is that I'll be staying in Aarhus for most of the month. :grin:

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