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Bike (un)cover question.


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In all my years of riding, other than when on a tour, I've always been able to keep my bike in an unheated garage uncovered. This spring/summer/fall I'll be parking my bike only outdoors.


I think I'd rather wipe the seats and cases down with a towel after a rain instead of dealing with a wet cover, so I'm leaning towards keeping it uncovered. It will be in a very safe area, so theft deterrent isn't a deciding factor.


The bike is out in the elements when riding, so I'm wondering if there is any upside to covering it? Do many of you just keep your bikes outdoors uncovered for the entire riding season?


I have access to a garage for winter storage.






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The bike should be ok but I'd consider at least one of the small half covers to keep the direct heavy rain off as well as wind blown debris off the seat and instruments. It's a real easy on-easy off.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

The start of this will sound a bit anal. Sorry. Dust settling on the bike not only makes it dirty but, I find, migrates directly into you eyes on roll off. I usually don't have my shield down when taking off. YMMV.

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Personally, I use a half-cover. I camp when I ride and in the morning I just pull the cover off and give it a couple of good shakes. I love not having the wipe the dew off the seats and everything else. Plus the bike tends to stay cleaner. The cover goes in the carry bag and the next night I cover the bike early so the cover has a chance to dry. Throw in the wash 2-3 times a season and I'm good.


I use the NelsonRigg UV2000 cover. Fits great on the RT with or without the topcase.



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Jerry Johnston

As Powers77 said it'll keep the blacks from turning milky colored due to ultraviolet rays. Try it for just a few months and see what it does to the cover.

You could probably put something under the cover to hold it off the seat (or take the seat inside).


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Because my garage is taken up with my woodworking tools, I can't park any of my bikes in there. I had a cement slab poured along the back of the house that only gets the early morning sun. I put full covers on all of my bikes more because of the UV issues than anything else. About every 18 months, the covers are toast and have to be replaced. Now, living in Texas, I suspect that the UV is probably worse here, which is why they get brittle and crack.


Many years ago when a motorcycle was my only form of transportation, I never use to cover it. The only issue I had was the seat cracking after a few years. But I was living in 29 Palms CA at the time (another UV hot spot).


So far by keeping the bikes covered, they still look new and don't show signs of plastic bleaching, or rubber cracking.



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Thanks much for all the input.


Based upon the vast majority of replies, I'm going to go with a cover. I'll most likely buy the Nelson Riggs or Dowco half covers that Mike and Lmar recommended. Look like simple good solutions at fair prices.


Thanks again.

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The Mrs. rides her F650 to work, and it sits there in the rain all day. We've decided that it's time for that program to stop because of some issues with corrosion (mostly with regard to the farkles). Of course Seattle winters are a little more damp than most places, but nevertheless....


Also, in summer around here the sun isn't as big a deal as say, Utah, but my old R100 was horribly sunbleached. You might not notice it for several years, but using a cover is a better way to go.

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I keep a mesh bag that is connected to the rear of the bike. I stuff the half cover into that and it stops the mold from occurring and starts the drying process while traveling.

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I say full cover. Keeps the crap in the air off it. Just get one that is ventilated. Your bike will thank you. Way easier than wiping down the bike, rain, dew gets everywhere. All you have to do is remove the cover and presto, nice clean, dry bike. Happy bike, happy rider.

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