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When you absolutely, positively MUST get thru traffic ...


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Joe Frickin' Friday

Looks like a helluva gun, but the gunner seems awfully vulnerable up there. If he's taking fire from two positions 180 degrees apart, he may turn one of them into ground beef, but the other can easily put a round in the back of his head. Surprised there's absolutely no armor or shielding around him.

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A long time ago I got to shoot a beautiful, full brass jacketed, .45-70 Gatling. No electricity involved. Blew the crap out of a 50 gallon drum full of water.

Hard to imagine what the newfangled, steam-heated ones do!

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I still like an 8-wheeled APC with a dozer blade mounted on the front. I think South Africa used to use that setup in the bad old days. Drive over it or shove it out of the way. Mounts TOW missiles, .50-cals, grenade launchers, even a small crane attachment. You know, the bare necessities for commuting in L.A. And since 8 friends can ride along, use the HOV lane.

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