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Wanna give a kid a big boost in life?


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Hi Gang...


A friend of mine teaches at an "at risk" school in L.A.


One of his students now has her entree into modeling and you can see her modeling a gown in a "designer" contest HERE . She's #4 "Tiffany" the model for James De Colon's gown.


I happen to think honestly that it is the best looking gown of the bunch... but I'd have voted for Tiffany anyway!


So, may I ask my friends here to take a look? If you think Tiffany's gown is the bomb, VOTE FOR #4 every day for the next few days! Give a young person a boost! The gown designer would probably appreciate it too. (I have no clue who he is.) :grin:


Be very cool if a few thousand votes came her way!


OTOH, if I'm all wet even suggesting you take a look, just forgive me and write it off to good intentions.

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