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AM/FM/MP3 solution on a R1150RT-P?


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I have an '02 R1150RT-P that I'd like to install an am/fm/mp3 radio on. It is completely sans radio, speakers and antenna. I've searched a couple of forums for solutions. I read the radio FAQ and it was somewhat helpful. Has anybody actually added an aftermarket system to their bike? I'm interested in any tips, etc.


I'm not a fan of helmet speakers, so a system that I can hear at cruising speeds is what I'd like to install. I did enjoy the system on my '99LTC. Here is what I have found so far:


A marine radio:


with a remote:





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If you get your ham license (it's easy!) you can do what I did.


My Yaesu FTM-10 takes up only a little bit of the space in the top box, and gives me AM, FM, Line In (for MP3 player or anything else), Weather, wideband receive (and scan), the ability to send short text messages at the push of a button, and the control head is waterproof. You can add Bluetooth to it.


You can also talk around the world (using repeaters and Internet link).


I mounted the 3-switch CHP bracket, but that's because I also have air horn and PA on my RTP.



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I'm not a fan of helmet speakers.....


Why? Good in helmet speakers (or even better in ear monitors) are hard to beat. They act as ear protectors, you have fairly high fidelity, and also so long as the volume is set correctly you still hear what is going on outside. Moreover you don't annoy any other folk with the blaring bass.



so a system that I can hear at cruising speeds is what I'd like to install......


That's not going to happen, well you could, but not with any clarity. At cruising speeds you will loose a huge amount of the frequency response despite however much you have it (annoyingly) cranked up



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Thanks Andy. Yeah, I dunno why, I just don't like the helmet speakers. I had J&M install a high end set of helmet speakers in my HJC Symax during Daytona Bike Week a few years ago, but I rarely used them.


I had figured a way to get the most sound out of the LT, crank it up as we pulled away from a stop, and it sounded good up to about 70, then lost the clarity above that as you say. But good rock and roll doesn't necessarily need good clarity....!


Then I sold the LT. I miss the amenities. Maybe I will have to implement some kind of helmet speaker and music setup. It would make sense cause I move from bike to bike, but usually wear the same helmet. Thanks.

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This is funny. I bought a 4x 100 watt amp for about $120.00 ? off ebone and hooked up ,my own XM radio. Its the balls. 2 speakers at 100 watts each, I can hear it at cruising speed. So can my passenger and some one riding along side. I do use earbuds a lot of the time, but its hard to beat music at speed. A long time ago I had a Rooster fearing. It held an AM/FM cassette player and a set of 6" (I think) speakers.


Yeah once you get over 75 or 80 Its tough to hear the speakers.



It can be done. :)



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your links go to general pages...were there some particular products you were looking at?


Well...yes I was, but you're right, the links don't take you there anymore!

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Looks like the site changed after I posted. Here is the one I was looking at:

A marine radio:


It has a wired remote that appears to be out of stock at the moment. Here are several Marine radios, a couple with remotes:



No guarantees how long the links will last!


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