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Tire gauge


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I'm looking for a good and reliable tire gauge. I got a nice one but only checks staight valves like the front wheels. I need something that checks 90 degrees like the rear tires. I had one that had a black hose attached to a gauge. When I realized that the gauge was giving me 9 psi off from the real readings, I sent out to get calibrated and came back worst. Its in the garbage now. Any assistance will be appreciated.




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I have an electric Accu-Gage (sp?); two or three pencil gauges; and an expensive dial gauge with a hose. There's not a whisker's difference between any of them, but the expensive one looks coolest.


I've often wondered how critical tire pressure is, given the speeds we ride. Obviously, extremely low or high pressures will affect handling and tire life, but will one pound really make a difference in anything? On a 39-psi front, that's about 2.5%...I bet my various gauges are closer to each other than that....

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My son bought me this BMW gauge and it has been a good gauge. It seems to be fairly accurate and works in any wheel/rotor combo I've come across so far. Notice it is a "genuine" BMW...yuk yuk Of course per Amazon it's only for cars.





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I pick $10 electronic gages that are angled. They all claim better than 1 PSI accuracy and I toss them in a couple of years when the battery dies.


Old-fashioned gages are fragile (even oil-filled and rubber shock-covered). I used a fancy one with a bleed valve for racing and their only advantage, to me, was being able to quickly adjust air pressure down. Cheap digital gages take longer to take each reading.

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One thing to consider is how easy is it to let air out and recgeck the air pressure.

One with a built-in pressure relief valve allows you to just drop the level with the gauge hooked up.

If I want 40 pounds I can air up above that w/out worrying if I'm a bit over and just squeeze the relief valve to set it right where a I want.

I find that easier.


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