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Going to LA for 3 days, Ride suggestions please?


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I am coming to LA from Long Island, NY on Monday and leaving on Thursday. My sole intention is to ride, ride, ride. I am renting a BMW R1200RT and I would love to get suggestions to fill my 3 days with the best riding starting from LAX at noon on Monday, and returning the bike to LAX Thursday morning. I've heard about the PCH and the canyon roads but it is a bit intimidating as a first time California visitor to put a ride together by cutting and pasting from various Internet sites.


I'm good for 300-350 miles a day and I would appreciate any recommendations to help me get the best riding experience from my 3 day mental health journey.


Many thanks for any tips and recommendations,




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pashnit dot com


He charges for a full view membership but if you don't want to subscribe you can blow up his map enough to get the gist of the rides and the roads, then do your internet research elsewhere.


Do you mind interstates? You'll have to travel them to get to the hills anyway.


Go east to 15 north then through Apple Valley to back side of Big Bear then along Rim of the World, Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, etc. back down into the Inland Empire.


Stretch it and go north on 101 to Santa Barbara then on to Santa Maria (rolling, oak studded hills with farms and vineyards.) If you haven't seen enough keep going north to San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Highway 1, etc.


I wouldn't bother with Ortega Hwy down south.



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^^^^ Good one DB. That being said, I would bring some rain gear, as a quick check of LA, Monterey, coarsegold, death valley and Frazier park all forecast rain for that tu wed and thu, at 60%. :(

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Just got back last night from week long two-up ride down there. Weather was great exept for last day ran into smattering of showers. PCH was wide open only a one or two brief construction delays. Recommend heading out to Death Valley - desert in February is great ride. Note that "mid-winter break" for lots of kids is starting this weekend - I saw many families going inbound into San Jose as we were leaving late yesterday. So for instance places along PCH and DV that have limited accommodations may need advance reservations, even if you stayed outside the park at Lone Pine etc.

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The LA basin is surrounded by mountains which have lots of access roads to canyons that are great to ride. On the otherside of the mountains to the east is desert, great this time of year. To the south you can ride in rolling hills thru Orange groves. To the north you have a choice of mountains and thru them lots of rolling hills and farm country. West, of course is the ocean. From LAX it will take you more than an hour to get out of town in any direction. I would not make that my base camp.


Most people from the East haven't ridden in the Desert and it is addictive. Get out of town on the freeways but once out of town get off of them and start looking for little roads.


South.......Julian, Idlewild, sneak into Plam Springs from the west, south to the entrance of Josuah Tree National Park, Yucca Valley and back will give you a taste of everything.


North........Santa Pala, Ojai, 133, Lockwood valley Road, Gorman is one of my favorites.


East.......Cajon Pass, 138, Pearblossom, Angeles Forest road, Angeles Crest H.way, 210 freeway. Desert + mountains. I don't think Angeles Crest Highway is open all the way thru from Wightwood to Pasadena but if it is, it is a ++. It is a classic.


These are a few of the more obvious rides that you could take with a base came within LA. If you want to bite off more mileage, once out of the LA area the whole state is open with some great riding. It will be cold and looks like rain. Dress accordingly.


Give me a call if you want for more info. I'll private Message you my phone #.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm checking the weather and based on the latest forecasts I'm seeing, it looks like it is clearing up. I hope the motorcycle gods have mercy on me.

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This is the draft of my 3 day route starting Monday and ending Thursday. Any suggestions to improve it? I hope the timing, particularly Monday is doable. I thank you for all your help and kindness.


Monday Noon

Leave LAX to PCH

Topanga Canyon Road to Tuna Canyon Road

Mulholland Hwy to Decker Canyon Road to Grimes Canyon Road

Spend night near Ojai



Ojai (33) to 58 to Morro Bay (Up and down some of the PCH)



Morro Bay 1 to 135 to 246 to 154 to 101 to PCH to LAX


Thursday AM

return bike at 9AM and fly back to New York

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I live & play around Santa Barbara. On the Weds Return I might suggest taking 101 to 166 east at Santa Maria. Take a right on Tepusquet road to Foxen Canyon back to the 154. But only if you like beautiful twisty roads thru the wine country!

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I sincerely appreciate that suggestion and will program it into the Zumo! It looks like partly sunny skies and no rain. Now if the snow in NY does not slow me down?.


Thanks again,


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I suggest you stay off the freeways. I'm sure it was already mentioned that CA2 into the Angeles National Forest, if open, is a good ride. Santa Monica Mountains - get a map from somewhere - Mullhouland Hwy. Topanga Canyon Rd. Decker Canyon. Roads that head east from the coast north of Santa Monica are usually good sights. Good luck.

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