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Sargent Metro Tank bag


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I've had my 1999 R1100RT since new, and the Sargent Metro Tank Pad has been on the bike just as long, well it's time to replace it. I like that it's small great place for my garage door opener, glasses, glove liners, small stuff, and it straps on to the bike. The panel is nice because it doesn't have to be removed to access the gas cap, has a cut out in it for that.


It's time for replacement, I don't see them listed on the Sargent website, must have been a idea that is no longer selling.


So a small tank bag, Ideas,???





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I use this one on my K12s. It'll fit the standard BMW fuel fill setup and it's easy to remove.


Here it is on my bike. Like the ad says it'll carry enough small stuff (lipstick, cell phone, Glock, etc.) and not be in the way:



Aside from this bag there are so many choices out there that it's almost mind boggling. When it comes to searching for farkles Google is your friend!



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