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There should be a sticker under the seat with the paint codes. The color can be ordered from automotive paint dealers that use Dupont products. I checked the paint charts for cars(the dealers do not have bike charts) and found BMW cars that use the same paint codes. MY Biaritz Blu 2004RT was an easy match!

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Tracy - Have you checked colorrite.com? (I think the underseat stickers do not tell the color cole - instead they're for the combination of colors, e.g., blue with silver trim, blue with black trim, etc.).

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Thanks for the replies. I never did find the sticker, but took the easy way out and called a local dealer. They got it off the VIN. I have the correct BMW paint pen but the match leaves a little to be desired. :(

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I agree, good site. I could not tell the difference between

Silver (Metallic)456


Titan Silver (Metallic)354

so called the dealer.

Thanks again.

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