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Bad ABS unit


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Approximately three weeks ago I was on my way home from a good day of riding, and as I approached a stop sign I noticed that my "brake failure" light came on and stayed on. I tested the brake and as far as I was concerned they worked properly (the bike stopped). When I got home I booted-up the computer, did a little research and discovered that a constant "brake failure" light more than likely meant that my ABS unit was shot and the part alone was in the $2,100 range. :eek: I already had the brake line recall work done and I had just replaced my battery and my rear light bulbs were working okay. These were checked as possible other reasons for the light to come on. Oh yeah, I also changed my brake pads because they were due. What was strange was that every now and then the light would act normally, stay off after its initial read, but then it would eventually come back on and revert back to a constant failure warning. Well, living in Tallahassee, Fl. we no longer have a BMW dealership and the closest one is four hours away either in Orlando, Daytona, or Tampa. Called the Orlando dealership, which is now named Magic City Motorcycles, because they had done work for me in the past. I called on a Saturday and Corey the Service Tech told me that I would need to have the bike evaluated before he could speculate what the problem might be. Also, I forgot to include that I have a 2007 RT that is three months out of warranty, but also has 45,000 on the clock. I asked Corey, knowing the expense involved, his thoughts on BMW helping me out with the cost. He told me that he would help me and do what he could in that regard, but if I could get the bike to the dealership by that Tuesday, the BMW Warranty Rep was going to be visiting the dealership that Wednesday and Thursday and that might work in my favor. "See ya Tuesday" I told him. Because I was going to have to leave the motorcycle at the dealership for an unknown amount of time, I borrowed a trailer from a fellow rider who is cordial enough to allow me the use of his trailer, and I can't thank him enough. Got it down to the dealership on Tuesday, spoke with Corey, and he guessed that "maybe" BMW "might" cover 75% of the cost of the unit, which he told me cost $2,400. I'm thinking to myself, "that's absurd." For one part, it is going to cost me, with the labor, one fifth the value of the motorcycle. That just makes no sense. I also asked about aquiring a used part and if he would install it and he told me that he would, although without a warranty. I called Beemer Boneyard on the way home and found out that they did not have any in stock, but when he does get one in he sells the unit for $500. Well at least I have some options. The other is not to get it fixed right away and drive it as is. What was happening was when the front brake handle was depressed it was not engaging the rear brake. Depending on how much BMW will cover or not, can I live without brake linkage for awhile until I can get a used part? Sure can. Well, I did not hear from Corey on Wednesday, and I had just about given up on him on Thursday, when he called at 5:10 pm. He confirmed the ABS unit was shot. But his next bit of news was, BMW was going to pick-up the cost of the part and all I was going to have to pay is the labor. Given the circumstances, that was very good news. I thanked Corey and he told me that the part should be in the following Thursday and it was a three hour job to install it. The following week coame around and I learned that the warehouse they order the part from had its roof cave in from the snow so it was going to be delayed a few days. Got a call on February 14 from Corey. the Motorcycle was ready to go and the cost of the labor is in the $340 range. Considering what the cost could have been, I was elated. Am I happy that this part failed, no. But at least BMW stepped-up to the plate - Kudos to them :thumbsup:. It will probably cost me close to $500 with the labor and gas invlovled having to travel that distance to get it fixed, but things could have been worse. So I think I will take another day off of work to retrieve the bike so I can do some riding this weekend. I can't say enough for the folks at the Orlando BMW, they have been a pleasure to work with each time I have been to their shop. Just my little tale of woe that I thought I would pass on.

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It's good to hear of this sort of thing. Maybe I'm just getting old, but reading your account made my eyes hurt. Maybe some paragraph breaks would have made it more readable. 'Could just be me though.


Hopefully you're all set for a long while with the brakes on that bike Ron. :thumbsup:



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Phil - The 2007 has the non-servo.


The Tech told me that they attribute a lot of the failures to not flushing the brake fluid. Didn't make sense to me because mine was done twice.

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