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George Shearing RIP


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One of the great Jazz Pianists ever died today. 91 Years old and blind from birth. George Shearing was and will remain one of the greatest pianists who has a unique and unreplicated sense of chord harmonies. One of the best I have ever heard. I use to go see him play at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC. Here is the article.


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Wow, Bobby, you lucky dog, getting to see him. I started listening to him, and lots of other jazz, when I was about 13 or so. Terry Gross re-ran an interview she did with him many years ago on today's Fresh Air. I'm sure you can find it on their website. What a great story.

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Thanks for the hookup to the Terry Gross Interview. I tried to call Mr. Shearing about a few years ago and had spoken to his agent who was based in California. At that time Mr. Shearing had fallen down some step in his apartment in NYC and I think had suffered some damage that left him somewhat disabled. So I was unable to speak with him. I just wanted to talk about chords and tell him how much I love his music. Im going to listen to the interview now. Here it is below also.


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