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2010 RT Mirror Removal?


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I tried taking my mirrors off on my 2010 RT in the traditional way. I stood facing the mirror, grabbed the upper and lower front lips of the mirror and pushed towards the rear of the bike. No matter how hard I pushed or hit the back of the mirror with the palm of my hand, neither side would budge. Am I missing something? Is there something else that needs to be done to remove the mirrors? Thanks for any advice.



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There is a hole under the mirror that you have to insert a torx into its a pain to do util you no where the screw is located.You do not have to remove the screw fully just a few turns.The smaller 1 of the 2 that comes with the bike is the right size.When you undo this the glass will come out giving you access to the screws to remove the mirror case.You have to probe about a bit to find the torx well i did anyway.Hope this helps.

The mirrors on the 2010 are a different design they dont come off in a fall.

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Thanks!! Finally loacted the screw on the left mirror. After taking that one off the right was pretty easy. Man what a design. For you guys with 2010's, DO NOT try to knock it off like the previous models.



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We are preparing this bike for the upcoming Iron Butt Rally and are adding some auxillary lights that required removing the mirrors for mounting supports.

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