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Gas Tank Repair


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The gas tank on my 96 R11R has a very nasty interior: Paint flecking off and bare spots. I'd like to reline it. While I have the thing apart I also thought I might get the exterior fixed up a bit too: Remove a small dent and repaint. Should I try a local shop? None here are familiar with BMW's (all Harley folks). I'd like a 'stock' repaint, as close to original as possible. Would it be best to go with someone familar with BMW's or would any good painter do? Also, I'd like a recommondation for someone good at fixing the interior of tanks as well. If I could get it all done by the same person that would be fantastic. I'm located near the Iowa, Missouri, Illinois area. I wouldn't mind shipping the tank if necessary. Thanks ahead for any help.

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I have the same bike. There is some evidence to suggest that ethanol blended fuels are responsible for desolving the lining on these tanks.


There are commercially available two-part lining systems for fuel tanks. Yours would have to be stripped of its old lining before the new one is applied. I'd have it done professionally.


Many body shops will not touch motorcycle paint jobs. You may have to find a motorcycle specialist. Many m/c finishes are highly toxic and require special spray booths. I've heard pricing for paint at $500 per piece to achieve an OEM finish.


I think that BMW sells the paint. You can check an online BMW parts fiche. The paint number is on a sticker under your seat.

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Afternoon Kurt


On the inside treatment I have had very good luck using “Red Kote” sealer. With a good inside cleaning and solid prep that stuff stays put and isn’t effected by normal gasoline additives or alcohol.


It is a one part treatment so no mixing fussy chemicals and no epoxy type large sheets to come loose later. Lot of radiator shops and tank repair shops use the Red Kote as their sealer of choice.


Just Google Red Kote sealer.


As far as painting goes you might check with your local BMW dealer to see who they use for insurance repairs and general shop damage paint repair.


What color tank are you working with? I have a nice (clean inside) 95-96 metal tank that is real nice EXCEPT for one ½”-¾” small ding on one side. It’s kind of that silver gray from the 95-96 era. I’m not using it for anything so if needed I might sell it.


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Thanks for the quick replies. I've heard Red Kote is good stuff. I'm not inclided to do it myself as I'd prefer it was done well.


Dirt Rider: Mine is a 96 dark grey. I think it was called graphite. The ding I have is about the size of a silver dollar + a few scrathes in the area. If your's is in better shape I may be interested it the price were right.


The closest thing I have to a local dealership is Gina's in Iowa City which is at least 1 1/2 hours away. I'll check with them.


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