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2011 World Superbike - On Paper, BMW Looks Pretty Good


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What an improvement! Two teams, four riders. Troy Corser and Leon Haslam (2010 WSB runnerup) riding for BMW Motorad while James Toseland and Ayrton Badovini (2010 WSB Stock 1000 Champion) are riding for the "new" WSB team BMW Motorad Italia.


For the racing experts out there (I am definitely not one), is there any reason not to let my expectations run free?



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Sofoglu would be in the Super Sport class I believe. At least he was last season after a not so good season in the Super Bike class the year before. He is fun to watch racing the 600 cc Super Sport class and is a past Champion in that class.


I just looked up the classes at the WSBK site and Kennan Sofoglu is not listed in either class I guess he is not riding this year.



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With 4 BMWs on the grid chances are better than last year. I pick Biaggi to win the championship. I don't think Corser will fair any better than he did last year. He did well but he's not a youngster anymore. Haslam will likely be Biaggi's biggest threat. That fellow has large attachments. I can see a podium with Halsam and Toseland standing next to Max Biaggi. Then we can't count out Haga. To bad BMW wasn't able to sign him. Badovini teaming with Toseland riding a semi factory BMW is an unknown to me. IF the semi team gets the same goodies as the factory team it will get interesting. Yamaha and Honda will not take this sitting down and Kawasaki if memory serves has a new entry and also wants a piece of the action so having said all that I expect an exciting year of WSBK.

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