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It's amazing what a set of shocks and tires can do for a bike....


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Hey everyone,


A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of new tires put on my '02 RT(Michelin PR2's) and yesterday I received my Ohlins shocks for it. I was able to get them installed and take about a 60 miles ride to try it out. We still had some ice on the secondary roads due to some snow earlier in the week but I can't believe how much better the bike handles with the new tires/shocks. The shocks were initially set up WAY to stiff so I stopped a couple of times to play with the adjusters. It will probably take a few rides to get them dialed in just perfect.

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I put a set of the Ohlins on my 97 GS when the stockers seemed to be starting to have issues at about 30,000. Kind of pricey but not bad compared to replacement stockers and man did they transform the bike. Some of the best farkle money I ever spent.

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New tires always feel special :thumbsup: I had Ohlins on my 02 RT for over a year before I had the Ohlins techs set them up for me at the MOA rally last summer. Now that made a BIG difference.

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