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Fuel pump fuse keeps blowing

Bob Grebin

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Hi Guys, I have a 03 RT when I went to go for a ride a couple of weeks ago, it cranked and cranked but refused to fire up. Pulled a plug and it was bone dry. Eventually I checked the fuses and #6 was blown, replaced it and it blows as soon as I start cranking.It was running fine the last time I had it out, any suggestions on where to start trouble shooting. Thanks, Bob

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Evening Bob


Start by removing the fuel pump relay then installing a new fuse, then crank it over. If it still blows then suspect the 02 sensor wire pinched or burnt on the exhaust, or an injector power wire pinched or grounded, or possibly a problem with the purge valve being shorted.


If removing the fuel pump relay keeps the fuse from blowing then try swapping relays with another like relay from the fuse box, if it still blows the fuse you more than likely have a seized fuel pump or pinched/grounded pump power wire.


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