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Going up a hill on a dirt bike is easy, right ?


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This was posted on AdvRider at the time of the Catalina Island Grand Prix revival last December.

As the Grand Prix had a bit of a hill climb with similar results, but on a smaller scale.


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"I LOVE the smell of 2 stroke in the morning"


Here in the IE of Riverside Ca. we have an Indian reservation that puts on an annual "ride". It is not a race. But it is a very prestigious event. Hundreds of riders start, many dont make the first bike climb. You have to be invited to or "know a guy" kinda thing to get to even do it. It is called simply "Soboba"


More than one spot that looks like that in Soboba

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Yes, a Rekluse is the ticket. I have one on my KTM and it is magic. You know it's funny, you show a video like this one to a non dirt biker and they say, "it doesn't look steep, why can't they get up?" Very deceiving. Check out the "enduro at Ezberg". Serious hills.


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Part of the issue with that hill is, not only is it steeper than it appears on the video because of the helmet cam giving it a scuewed view, but there are twist and bends around trees. Direction changes on a hill that is even moderately steep is tougher than it looks, now throw in obstacles like a few less competent riders and it becomes a cluster. Slolomn course on an uphill is tough.

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This is a lovely video.


It is typical bottleneck scenario being demonstrated.


Choke point on the top of the hill, in rider falls on top, the rest behind loose momentum, they are done.


Not necessarily a two stroke issue.


It is the steepness hill, loose dirt, obstacles ( trees and stopped riders)

On any hill of such caliber, momentum is the key. Once you loose it you are done, you can not restart. It is best to turn around go down to the bottom and give it an other try with out stopping.

Once you stop recluse clutch or not you are done. You can attempt to get off the bike walk it/push it up while working the clutch and gas.


Most 2 stroke dirt bike engines are not designed/tuned for low RPM torque, they lack rotating mass/flywheel weight They produce HP at mid to high RPM and lots of it. In most races they are hauling but at high RPM.

300cc and up MX two strokes have good torque at low RPM (KTM 300 is what I am referring).

Generally Two strokes also do not run hot enough to burn up the oil in the fuel mix at lower RPM and tend to foul spark plugs if idled or babied (low RPM) too long.


Most 4 strokes MX engines produce linear power from the get go have good torque and are easier to manage at low RPM.


Because two stroke riders tend to rev the engine more to produce good power with out proper clutch control they spin out and loose traction and spew dirt to the rider behind.



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