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Ken H.

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Is Deep Ak the son of Deep Throat?


Wait, that's a political question.


Lots of questions, didn't seem like any concrete proposals.


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Dennis Andress

It has been kind of quiet around here since the ban on politics. Thankfully there have been several Ride Tales posted to break the monotony.

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It lost me at "yogic science".


Presumably one learns this along with the other hard sciences such as astrology, herbalism and aromatherapy.


Damned miscreants.

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Yes, but a miscreant who has proved quite sucessful at any number of endeavors (print, audio, clothing, etc.) and is personally worth over $400m - started with absolutely nothing. Maybe the guy knows a thing or two, eh?



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I don't allow that having made money makes one an authority on anything, with the possible exception of making money.


I understand that Hubbard made a few dollars as have many other mysticists. Doesn't make their spiel any more worthwhile.

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