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GIVI Recommendations?


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I'm considering 46, 52, or 55 liter version ... all would appear to be cavernous compared to the standard BMW topcase.


I'm leaning toward the 55 as our riding style tends to 2-up long distance trips of a couple of weeks or more. I'll probably put the auxiliary rack on the top for a small hard case for my laptop.


I like the lines of the BMW box but would appreciate the additional space in a Givi.


Anyone have the 55liter case? Is it an ugly giant blob of plastic hanging off the back of an RT? Your reviews of the GIVI cases will be greatly appreciated



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I don't know the Givi-s, but a big heavy loaded top box, especially with something additional on the top, is possibly the worst thing you can do to a bike's handling. When riding solo the aerodynamics are terrible.

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Had the GIVI 52L for years, over 100k.

If you are riding 2 up, it is a bonus.

Looks like an AWAC but works like a Stealth.


Ironically, I get better mpg on the GT with the case on.

Paul is correct that you can get wind effect, but it has been infrequent for us, mostly side wind gusting that was noticeable.


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This is a V46. I can get all my "stuff" in it for a 12 day trip. but that is just me. I have not tried to go 2 up and see how it goes. I can feel the difference in handling when it is loaded riding single, but am not sure how much difference you would notice with a passenger.

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I have a Givi e52 and love it. I've noticed no detriment in the handling, but I don't ride on the edge. I ride a lot out here in the windy Sacramento River Delta area and can't see any difference with and without the top case.

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I loved the V46 I had on my FJR. Don't bother with the light kit, IMO. All it adds are wimpy LED's in the rear-facing circles. Those large wrap-around reflectors stay just that, reflectors.

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I disagree on not adding lights on the Givi. After the fact, I added the LED lights (brake and turn signals) to my 52 liter one and it is great. And understand you can buy it with the lights stock. I use it for lighter weight goods like clothes and put the tools, fishing reels and heavier gear in the panniers low and forward.

Also use it daily on my daily commute for my work laptop and rain gear. Good addition to any RT.

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Have the 46 with light (bought used. People who ride behind me indicate that the bag bounces just enough to make the light turn on and off......


Don't pack heavy stuff in top box regardless of size. Personally I don't notice a handling difference on or off.

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I've had the V46 for 50,000 miles on a Vstrom 650 and then transferred it to an RT with 70,000 miles. Each bike went down one time each where the thing that hit first was the Givi bag. Scratches, yes. Damage--no. I was shocked at the abuse the bag has taken and still looks good.


Bike got knocked over at the BMW rally in Johnston City (wish I knew what SOB knocked it over and never left a note of apology or anything), TN two years ago and the side lens of the reflector got broken. I called Givi to order a replacement lens, and they sent two at no charge. Changed both and the case looks great even today.


I'd be concerned at getting one too large; the temptation to load it up is pretty great because the case is so easy to access. I carried my tool kit, pump, disc lock, and another probably 5 pounds of stuff in it 100% of the time. Then I loaded it with computer, overnight bag, and whatever else I could pack into it. It can get heavy; since it's high on the bike, it gets a bit awkward to handle. I'd be hesitant to get one of the really big ones.


Givi is good stuff.

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+1 on the 52L. I'm not sure that they offer a 55L. (?)


I liked it much more than the BMW top box. Worked like a charm for years and many miles one and two up. I noticed little aerodynamic difference on the bike one or two up. Always pack the heavier stuff low in your side bags trying to more or less equally distribute right and left.


No reservations at all with a recommendation.


I had the light package and thought it was a good addition.


The only reason I have a Beemer box on my new bike is that they were giving them away as a promotion when I bought it.


As an aside, looking at TracyMurphy's pix, I keep longing for the looks of the 1100-1150 RT's.


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I went with the Givi 52L and added the admore lighting kit to it. I LOVE the way it turned out....especially at night. I originally had a bmw top box on the rt but sold it and bought the givi so I could use one box between the rt and gs.




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I have the 52 on a 99 1100rt. Its been on since new and have never had a problem. I added the top rack when the MOA rally was in Charleston WV. Free installation and easy, so why not. We usually travel two up and have never noticed a problem with handling, regardless of loading. I keep a small cooler (six pack size), books and mags, gloves, sweater, jacket liner etc, when not in use, snack items and a laptop in there regularly on long trips two up. We seldom use the top rack, except for an occasional take out pizza when traveling.


We tried a few of the givi backrests on it, but they all pushed my SO too far forward. So we ended up putting a mouse pad on as a back rest/cushion. It s just enough. Now that she has a jacket with back pads in it, that is sort of a moot point.


I have alwyas thought I would transfer the givi to whatever I bought. I also like the way it looks.




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I was thinking of adding one of the Givi's to my '02 R1150RT-P. The pic's posted in this thread look pretty good, though some others I've seen make the rear Givi look a bit high on the R1150RT. Please post more pic's if you've got em! I hope to change it over from the PD radio box to the rear seat and rack sometime this spring. The kit cost is a bit much but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Thanks all!!


I've gone with the 55 + lights and rack. Thanks for the note about the backrest, Mike. I have a small, rectangular Airhawk that I'll use as a backrest if needed but Sharon ride with a padded jacket and that will probably do.


DH ;~)

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I went with the Givi 52L and added the admore lighting kit to it. I LOVE the way it turned out....especially at night. I originally had a bmw top box on the rt but sold it and bought the givi so I could use one box between the rt and gs.



Looks great!! Nice garage.

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