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H3 HID replacement.


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Has anyone replaced there H3 bulbs with HID's and if so how was it and what is a good brand to use. I have Pia 510's mounted on my engine guards, other than not being very impressed with the light output I am also having the problem of replacing bulbs far to often. I think it may be caused by the vibration and was thinking HID's would last longer and give lots more light.

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I put HID's on my previous '96 R1100RT. Wow! Lot's more light.

I now have a 2010 RT and don't think I'll add them as the stock lighting seems to be pretty good.

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I used CQ lights. They have held up fine and give lots more light. Mounting the ballast is the only problem. Mount it with LOTS of fastening systems otherwise it moves over the years. You will wish for smaller fingers on this job, if replacing the low beam in cowling, but it can be done.

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I have 2 sets of HID driving lights on my '08 RT, as well as the HID conversion on the H3"s. When I wanted to do the headlight conversion I researched it ahead of time and settled on the 1offmotorsports lights. They have been fabulous. You can find them here:




They seemed to combine a quality product with a reasonable price. Check them out, and ask others, here, what they think of them.

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