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Camera's On/Off button with gloves?


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It's about time for a new ride camera. What I'd like to know is whether I need to stick with the slide-type on/off switch - or does the button-type work out OK.


Well over half my shots are made while underway, with my gloved left hand. I pick up the tethered camera, without looking slide the power switch to ON, approximate an aim, press the shutter button, and finally slide the power to OFF. For me this procedure works very well, but depends on my being able to reliably turn the camera on and off. (The camera's a compact Pana. Lumix DMC-FX37).


Am I asking for trouble if I get a camera whose power button is a button rather than a slider given that I'll be wearing gloves? Would I be able to find the button and distinguish it from the shutter button, without looking and wearing gloves? Is there some kind of practical button "enhancer"?



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Try a golf glove. It will not give you the crash protection of a regular glove, but you should be able to operate the camera without any problems. Something to consider.

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Best bet is to go a big camera store and try them with the glove. I have a Canon A590 which is a nice basic point and shoot, but the on/off button is so small that I have a hard time without any glove.

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