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2 - 6 - 2007


sIMPLY am too bizzy to check and see if anyone posted anything on last Sunday...I was out of state until late last evening and no computer until now.


Remembering Gleno - dat's it...just remembering him.

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Yep. In fact before I joined and registered at BMWST, I was

perusing the posts and I noticed all these posts by one

guy named Gleno. I really liked his writing or personality.

So I thought, cool, Im going to join this site and meet this

cool cat. Little did I know, he had already left us. On the upside, I am so glad to have this chance to become aquainted

and friendly with the rest of you cool cats. Thanks Gleno!

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I remember the phone call from Teri. I remember the man we lost.


There are many great people who have graced my life. There are few great friends. Of them, he was the greatest. It still hurts to watch and read the tributes. I hope it never stops making me cry. I can accept he's gone. I am still having trouble accepting the loss.

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I think of our brother often. Many times it is with a smile or a laugh. Reading this now brought back this memory: On my only trip to a Death Valley gathering, I was driving the Team Schnauzer Tour Bus, towing my and Mrs. Bee's bikes to the desert to get away from the Colorado winter. A few miles from Amargosa, I spot a bike gaining on me quickly from behind. A rider on a FJR, wearing a black Stich, pulls up beside us, gives us a hearty :thumbsup:, and paces us for a moment. With a twist of the wrist, he disappears. That is, until we get to Amargosa, where I see that rider standing on the roadside. Peeing on a sign post. Yup, Gleno. :grin:

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