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When insuring an older bike that is worth more than NADA, KBB, etc; who do you you use?


I would like to agree on a value and insure for that amount.


So....what companies do this that are recommended?




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A few years ago with Progreesive we valued my pristine old bike at an agreed to value vs.s what the book said. He required me to get two sale appraisals from two dealers on their letter head. Sounded hard, but only took about 5 minutes with each dealer and it was free. Both dealers told me it was a common request Progressive accepted the average of the two bids which were only about $100 apart.


I've since changed from Progressive to Allstate due to continuous rate hikes. Allstate accepted the previous agreed to value as per my policy in-force with Progressive.


I don't think it is a big deal unless you are way out of line.


Keep us posted. P.S. Not endorsing either agency just sharing experience.

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Call Condon & Skelly, they insure antique motorcycles for your stated value at X amount per hundred dollars of value. I have a few insured with them. If you need a phone # PM me and I'll find it for you.



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