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Winter Project Yamaha XS650


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I've been away for awhile and figured I'd post some pics from one of my bike projects.


I rescued this bike out of my friends back yard. It had been sitting there for about 15 years. It was mostly original. The engine had been replaced but that was about it. He had the original engine and the title and best of all it was Free.


When I picked it up it was mid July and wanted to do a quick turnaround, so I could work the bugs out. I figured it was going to need a lot of grease (of the elbow kind).




The fist steps were;

1. Points, plugs and condensers

2. Clean carbs

3. Tires, tubes and rim strips

4. Brakes, Rebuild master cylinder, and caliper

5. Inspect wheel bearings and neck bearings

6. New chain and both sprockets

7. Change oil, replace sump filter and honda oil filter conversion.

8. Adjusted valves and cam chain

9. Clutch push rod, seal and bearing

10. Steel wool and some paint

That was the first 2 weeks. I have since added a Pamco.

This is how it sits as of Saturday morning.




What's happening now.

1. Replace front end with a 35mm

2. Replace rotor and, caliper and line

3. Upgrade clutch, springs, thrust bearing and cable

4. Neck and Swing arm bearings

5. Carbs

6. Exhaust 1 3/4 stainless with epo/tpos

I removed the front end, replaced bearing races and marked up the new front end. Then proceeded to rebuild the new front end but things came to a stand still when I realize I had the wrong fork seals.




Mark up.



I hope to get more pics up next weekend.


More Goodies on the way!!!!! :grin:



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love those old XS's. That a 75? Guess you know about MikesXS.com by now.


I rebuilt a 76 model a few years ago. So simple they are actually fun to work on.

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A Japanese classic for sure. Had a Yammie shop back in the day, you could rev an XS650 on the center stand and it would back itself across the room and out the door from the vibration. :grin:


A great bike though. :thumbsup:

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Yep it's a 75. I did know about Mike's XS but stumbled across 650 Central. I have to say Mike "Mercury" Morse has certainly given me some guidance.

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I have always loved the old Yamaha twins. Looks like she is going to be a beauty. Please keep em coming...

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Well I was back at it on Saturdays. My fork seals hadn't come in so I decide to work on a few other things.


1st Was to replace the clutches, springs and needle bearing and thrust washer. I made a slight modification to the clutch spring screws.






Spring screw mod










Crankcase breather mod








Next was to work on carburetion.

I figured the bike needed something Italian.






650Central has this great 1 piece billet intakes.




The fit




These carbs are a bit on the large size but with the exhaust that is going on and a couple pounds of brass I should be able to get them close. Plans are in the works for some head work from 650Central, that would be next if they are way off.


While the crabs were off I decided to mod the breather and baffle.


The last few this I did yesterday was replace the swing arm bushings with needle bearings. The Damm instructions were Only In German!!! At that moment I was thinking I should have made the Bmw dealer include a conversational class in German as part of the sale on my RT.


More Goodies on the way!!





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nice project! My buddy bought one of those EXACTLY in 75 as I bought a Honda 550. We put some miles on them in those days. That thing would vibrate like H311 on your hands and arms especially after he put on the clubman bars so you leaned on em all the time. For some reason I put buckhorns on my Honda :eek: . Cool bike with a great internet following still...enjoy!

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