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james Robinson

Hey Folks- I am honored to have just joined this wonderful site and am looking forward to learning a lot from you. I am an attorney from down south in the U.S and have ridden all my life. I am in my mid-forties. I have owned just about every bike except a Harley and a BMW. I have taken many trips across the U.S and travel light and fast, sometimes only a credit card and a tooth brush (o.k maybe just a little more). All my trips have been solo as it is hard to find friends who are willing to just take off and go. On July 16 of this year, I am leaving Birmingham, Alabama, and am going to try to ride to the Arctic Circle, probably via Dawson, but that may change. I will do this on a BMW, but have not decided on the exact model to purchase. I hope this site will help me make the important decision as to which bike I should buy! I will read and learn as much as I can using the search engine and reading posts before asking any specific questions. Thanks for allowing me to become apart of this online communtiy and I look forward to future meaningful discussions about riding BMW sport-touring bikes. I will tell you a little more about my trip and a major reason behind this challenge at a more appropriate time. James

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Depending on the route you take you can ride anything you want.


Make is comfortable on yourself.


You can take anything from a LT to an X/Country.


Dawson is great in the Summer time.


The Dempster really depends on the weather. If it's dry you can have a nice relaxing ride. If it rains, it don't matter what you are on it's gonna me an adventure.



Look forward to hearing from ya as you go through the process.





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Welcome to the board. You'll find that there are quite a few of us that have done the Alaska thing and all have differing opinions. The single bigest wild-card is the weather. If you do the Arctic Circle or beyond, clear weather; it's easy, wet weather, it's a very difficult. One common thread is fuel supply. Make sure you have a big tank or carry extra fuel. Not too many gas stations and if you hit one closed, it can be a very long way to the next.

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James, welcome to this asylum. Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself and about your plans. This is a rare and appreciated action. Wishing all the best for your riding plans. I'm sure you'll find a lot of help from here.

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Welcome James,

Great site here, it has helped me alot.


If you are set on a BMW, and that is a fine choice IMHO, I love the RT model, very comfy on the long haul and yet still sportyer than say a Gold wing.


To Alaska I would consider a GS and do the road to Barrow which is a long gravel road but it goes above the arctic circle, very cool. An F800GS is nice, I liked the R1200GSA I test rode a while back, and with some seat work I could put alot of miles on one.


A K1300LT is super comfy like riding a couch that is riding on a cloud.


Welcome again.

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Hi James, welcome to the board! :wave:


I don't have any constructive advice regarding your proposed trip, so I'll just sit back and learn something myself.

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Welcome James.


I'm in Montgomery for a long term assignment. Going to try to get my RT out here by April. We'll have to get together for a ride down the road.


The Alaska trip sounds fun, but I guess I've gotten old. All I can think about is how much my back would hurt 6 hours into the ride. :grin: But if you've got the time, money, and health, get-er-going!


- Scott

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Welcome aboard. Sounds like an interesting and enjoyable plan. I've never ridden in Alaska so I'll leave the bike choice to others. I have been down a few forest dirt roads in the Northeast with my RT and it's not a problem as long as it's dry. In the mud, I'd rather be riding something else.

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Welcome from another "newby". I think the RT would be fine to Alaska as long as you have a second set of tires. The 6+ gallon tank is nice, as you can get over 300 miles IF you keep the speed down.

Proper riding gear, including heated, should be all you need!

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