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modus operandi

Bruce H

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modus operandi, February 5th, 2011...






Our weekend weather forecast called for "extreme drizzle" Friday evening it was evident that meant rain. Rather than watch I would go looking for the sun. In the morning as per my normal "modus operandi" my lights were on and the afterburners lit about half past five. Foggy for sure but that "extreme drizzle" was a bit lighter. It was a causes ride over Cape Perpetua as the Elk feed along the highway this time of morning. Maybe they like the cover of fog, don't know, but several ran in front of me on more than one occasion. No pucker factor as I was watching and ready.


Breakfast was in Winchester Bay. When I pull up the waitress set a table for me and brought coffee, she knows. After breakfast there was still that drizzle so I headed south, riding almost to Port Orford before it stopped and the sun came out. Wouldn't last though.


Arizona Beach, no drizzle and the fog is lifting...





Nearing Gold Beach the fog rolled back in, just over the mountains it looked like there was a chance of clearing. I turned east along the Rogue River, eventually turning onto Bear Camp road. I really didn't think it would be possible to get thru here but it is a nice road and there is no other traffic. Made it forty one miles off the beach before being stopped by snow, I turned around. This is no place to be stupid, they have body bags for those who are.


the overlook along Bear Camp Road, snow just beyond here...





Rogue River near Foster Bar...





Near Agnes I went down to Foster Bar and had some lunch. There were a few trucks in the parking lot with trailers waiting for the boaters to return, didn't see anyone though. The river wasn't real full and the water kind of murky, a winter river. From here I headed for Powers, this road is rock but in good condition. In about fifteen miles the road forks, straight to Powers or left to the Elk River. I turned up hill and the river as last time I had tried to get thru here it was covered in snow and ice. Today there was a bit of snow on some of the shaded corners but a good track going thru. I stopped at Laird Lake, no one here. A little below here the road follows the river and an incredible piece of water it is. Very clear and fast as it cuts thru the jagged rocks making its way to the sea. The Elk along with the Coquille River are two rivers that should be on your "must see" list.





Laird Lake, crystal clear water, not what you would think...





tables in this campground had a half inch of ice on them last time I was here...





It is late afternoon as I ride out onto Highway 101, turning north I head for home. It is dry all the way to Florence then that drizzle, again... At Heceta Head I stop to gear up, heavier gloves and a liner in my jacket. Thought about Hippo Hands but there isn't that much rain and it is easier to switch the lights high beam/low beam without them in the way. There is enough traffic the high beams don't get much use. I do like riding in the dark of morning much better, WAY less traffic.


The ride down this morning hovered at fifty degrees, in the mountains along the Rogue River it made sixty four and then there was that sunshine, YES! Today I covered four hundred thirty five miles, very nice for a mid winter ride.







thanks for riding along, Bruce






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I like that little lake. It reminds me of my childhood and a lake, but ours was a little larger.

In fact, I think, technically, what you have is a pond. Laird pond.

Hey why wouldn't I think the water was crystal clear?

Anyway, very scenic.


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dc, most lakes/ponds (sign said Laird Lake) that small in the woods around here have too much decaying wood in them to have clear water, usually brown or black. with as much rain as we have had there is a lot of brown mud colored water. I'd guss that here the intact forest filters the water, sort of like the water in the Smith, Scott and Eel Rivers and not like the Klamath. In any case I would have expected that lake to have had black water.

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