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Garmin 2820


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I currently have a Garmin 2720 that I use on both of my motorcycles, but it has NO BlueTooth, I'd like to upgrade to a BlueTooth unit, I'm thinking Garmin 2820, that way I don't have to change out my power supply and mounting cradles that I have on my current motorcycles.


My plan is after getting a bluetooth GPS, then I can get a bluetooth headset for bike 2 bike communications. So where can I find a Garmin 2820 for not a lot of bucks, I'm thinking refurbished or something.

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Garmin themselves sometimes have Factory Refurbished units for sale. Check there first.

After that, just Google the unit and browse the hits you get. There'l be a bunch of them and you'll likely find what you're looking for. That's how I found my 2720 when I was looking.

Good Hunting!



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been looking on the internet, not that many availaible,, I thought I would find a lot of them for $100 or so,,,



Not happening, at least not yet...

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Do a nation wide search on craiglist with a site like craigshelper. I found my 2730 in Pennsylvania. I emailed him and did paypal and he sent it to me. Some people may only do local pickup but thats hard for some people in the sticks. I got the 2730 with everything like new including the antenna for $150.

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