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How do I replace the lock cylinder?


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Just bought a top box for my GT (BMW) and need to rekey the lock to fit my key. However, I can't find any way to get the lock cylinder out of the topcase. Other than drilling it out, is there any way to get the lock out so I can have it rekeyed?

I have done a search and came up empty handed. Thanks for any advice.

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I've rekeyed several top boxes using this procedure:




I think you will note that you need to have the key that now fits the lock (seller's key) in order to remove the cylinder. Once you remove the cylinder you can easily rekey it yourself so that your own key works the lock.

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Some time ago I sold a Top case and the buyer did not have a key to remove the lock. I sent my spare key to him by courier (he paid) He took out the lock with my key and that solved his dilemma. I had my key back in about a week.

You may have to ask your seller for the same favour.

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if you cannot get a key to the original lock set, then yes I do believe you have to drill it out, and buy a new lock set. Then have the new lock set re-keyed to your ignition.


If you have the key, then follow the instructions above, or do like I did, and take it to the BMW shop and they did it for free as I waited.

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