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possible new purchase....'09 or '11?


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I might be replacing my '04 RTP with a new one, currently BMW has some '09 RTPs left over that I might be able to get a good deal on. But also understand since the '09s are just about gone they have started producing the '11. I personally like the old style turn signals and hydraulic reservoirs on the '09s compared to the new ones, but the new ones obviously have the newer motors in them. Is there any benefit to get the latest model or should I just stick with the older one and go for the better price? Keep in mind this is a RTP so no ESA, no cruise, no radio, and all that jazz.

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Subject: Re: possible new purchase....'09 or '11?


Get the '11. The new motor just has more "go" regardless of gear or speed.


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The difference is in one's mind. Think you'll get to the grocery store or post office or next Rally faster with the newer engine, than pay $4,000 or more more, for it. However, if you think a couple more foot pounds of torque, is just that, and you don't mind having the spark plug cover going east to west instead of north to south...save the $4,000 or more, and get a really good motorcycle with a '9' in the VIN.

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Dick Rothermel

I know where you can get an 09 RTP with 2100 miles on it. Black/white. Never even been on a wet road. Has TPM but no ASC. It can be dealer added if you want it. Heated grips, no heat seat. I put all 2100 miles on it and they were all highway miles. When I had the brake recall done on it, we had to "report" it to BMW, which started the warranty run time. That was August of last year. I am a police rep for BMW and it was my company demo bike. BMW of Grand Rapids Mi bought the bike from BMW. My guess is that you could buy it, with shipping to your door and still get it for less than buying a new one in CA. PM me if you're interested in more details. Dick

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