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Long sleeve shirts for warm weather


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A while back I got knocked from my bicycle, and my elbow got some nasty scrapes. It has healed, but the new skin is susceptible to new scrapes, and is very sensitive. My motorcycle jackets can irritate the elbow, which always seems to be in contact with the inner sleeve material.


A long sleeve cotton shirt helps, but I'm looking for other alternatives for warm to really hot weather riding.


This looks to be a possible alternative. Anyone use these?


Other suggestions?



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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I was going to mention that Under Armor tends to be comperably expensive, but then I noticed the 29.99 price and decided not to say anything. It's hard to get a good cotton t-shirt for that price.

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Ed, you might want to consider one of the instand "spray-on" bandages. You can get it at the drug store and it may provide enough protection without being wrapped. I think you can wash it off with just soap and water.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I have no idea whether it'd work or not but, runners have what look to be fairly tight arm warmers of polypro or similar. You might check out the local runners store.

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Try an outdoor provision store like REI or EMS for some blister protection stuff. There's some "second skin" pads that are much better than the old moleskin was.





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