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R1200RT - how to mount Pelican case


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Any thoughts on how to best mount a Pelican case to the back of an R1200RT? The tail rack (luggage rack) works great with my BMW topcase, but I'm interested in securing something smaller onto it for rally riding (including the upcoming Iron Butt Rally).


The problem is the giant holes and lack of mounting bolts on the top of the luggage rack. It seems that without something pretty custom, it would be hard to secure a hard case to it. The fact that the tail rack isn't level is also an issue. I'm sure this was all intentional as a way to get us to buy only BMW accessories....


So far, all I can find is a Givi mount (E193) for nearly $100 that I would then have to modify further (cutting off the bumps that stick up and mounting it to the Givi plastic top-rack, or tossing the top part of the Givi and going straight up into the case...or perhaps going up through an aluminum plate first). Basically, I'd be paying $$$ for a Givi bottom piece that fits into the large holes on the luggage rack and allows you to bolt up through them.



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I think you pretty much answered yourself. If you really want to install a Pelican case, the Givi mount looks good to do it with minor mods. Going with a custom made mount would most probably cost you more (labor ain't cheap).

There is always the baby BMW 28 liter case.

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I got a small pelican case and just poked 4 holes in it and a couple pieces of strap metal and bolted it up. If you want the case to sit flat, jack up the low side with spacers. I made some from pieces of copper water pipe. Painted silver, they blended with the rack.

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