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Windscreen Rambling's


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After reading RightSpin's testimonial on the Cee Bailey windscreen he got for his GS, I started thinking about my RT again even as I look out the window at the trees covered with ice and seeing an occasional branch falling to the ground. Where was, oh yeah, windscreens.


Ever since I got my 2007 RT last spring the one complaint I have is that it is hot to ride. Not that the bike puts heat on me but the windscreen moves the air away from me too effectively resulting in me getting hot when it's hot out. I never had this problem with my KLR 650. Since it only had a small fairing, the wind hit me solidly across my chest, keeping me cool in even the hottest weather, as long as I was moving. I always ride ATGATT so wearing a t-shirt and jeans is not an option for me. I already have a mesh jacket, which helped tremendously compared to my Olympia AST (I used that with the KLR in 90+ degree weather and was fine). Before I bought the RT I never thought much about how a fully faired bike might have this effect. I must say, the ride comfort from the reduced wind makes long trips soooo much easier but I wish there was a solution to the heat problem.


So here's my question to this group, well, several questions actually. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have a good solution beside wearing less protective clothing? I know Cee Bailey's makes a sport windscreen for the RT but I find myself in a love hate relationship with the airflow issue. On one hand, I'd like to get an aftermarket windscreen that will reduce the noise and buffeting caused by the stock screen, but I still want to have some airflow to keep me cool. Except in the cool weather when I want the air off me to stay warm. I remember when I was a kid, we had a Rambler station wagon and in the front on each side there were two "wing" windows that could be opened that directed airflow right onto the front seat occupants (see photo). Does anyone make a windscreen that has some type of diverter like this that would allow riders to direct wind onto themselves selectively? If not, has anyone jury rigged something like this? Maybe I'm looking for something that can't be done and I need two different windscreens, ugh! By the way, despite the hot ride, I love the RT.


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Clearview link has shields with an optional vent in the middle. I use one on my R80RT shield. In the low humidity desert southwest, too much air is hotter rather than cooler. Once you get above 100F, you don't want that blast furnace blowing on you.

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I haven't had the RT long enough to experience hot weather riding, but I can tell there is way too much protection to be comfortable even with my Olympia mesh jacket. I picked up a Cal-Sci screen and plan on cutting down the stock screen to make my own sport screen. The wind screen on the RT is so easy to replace, off and on in just a few min.


If you're happy with your stock screen, picking up another shorter after market screen wouldn't be so bad. Cal- Sci does not list a shorty but they will make one to your specs and their prices are reasonable. No affiliation, just giving you options...

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I make my own windshields from Quantum coated polycarbonate. I have made about 6 so far and I modify each time. One of my first modifications was to open up the lower vent opening from stock. Mine is ~1 inch bigger in both dimensions. This helped with air flow and turbulence while not allowing much rain in. Take your stock shield and cover where you are going to cut with 3M masking tape. Mark it for the cut and use a new fine tooth blade in a jig saw. Cut and then sand the edges,then remove tape and install. See if you like it. Remember the corners are 2" radius curves to prevent cracking.

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That would be one of the byproducts of the RT; great weather protection = over heated rider. Don't get me wrong, I love my RT.


I am sure there are better ways to solve this, but I am looking at a GS(A). Not only for the reason mention above, but the off road and rough roads capability plus more.


I am not suggesting this be your solution, but after 30K miles I came to a fork in the road, and I am taking the change of bike :-). Anyone interested in trading.....


just my .02 cents.

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+1 on the Baker Air Wings. Had them on a wing quite a while ago. Blew the air just where I wanted it when it was warm. Deflected the air when it was cold. Nice folks and a simple, and useful product. Planning to put them on my RT when I get around to it.


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you want hot?...come down to florida for the summer. we just ride fast!


have a cb on my 2004 rt since 2004. prolly one of the best/functional accessory for the overall ride.


btw-i'm actually cooler in the summer with the screen raised up some. no heat convection from the hot air blasting. it cools me from the rear as it circulates.

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Brian, it seems to be mostly northern folks that think they need air blast to keep cool. Those of us who ride in the heat all the time know that is not the case. It is a faux-cooling and very short-lived at that. In really hot weather (110+), I won't even wear mesh unless it is for a short ride to the store. Too much hot air above body temp is a killer.

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Tim, I use them a lot in the desert and they work very well in low humidity environments. I think they are much less effective in high humidity environments.

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I agree.

Excellent in low humidity.

But, I also use them in higher humidity and much like a soaked shirt, etc., it will provide a cooling effect.

You just end up wet, then dry over time, but it does reduce the effect of the higher heat, IMO.

Not everyone would want the wet effect however but if I have a long ride in those temps I don't mind.

Carry a trash bag, go into rest room with vest in bag, run cold water, wring, take outside and leave at bike, complete business, put it back on and ride.

Not for everyone but I don't mind being wet.

Must be a Pisces thing.


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and here is a view from behind with some measurements and notes. Don't know if this will work on another bike, but it worked great on the 1100RT. provided just enough breeze for cooling without creating a lot of turbulance.


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Thanks for all the great suggestions. The air wings or the home made wings (above) is kind of what I had in mind. I have those brass shelf supports already (One of my other hobbies is making furniture). The only thing I'm not crazy about is drilling into the bike.


The air wings website could use some professional photos. The pictures are so small you can't really see how they mount or what they really look like.


I also thought about getting a better cold weather screen and cutting mine down for summer like some suggested. Thanks for the warnings about the blast of hot air when it gets really hot. I think my concern with heat is more related to shorter rides where I don't have time for my body to acclimate to the heat. I would think on a long ride in the heat the protection afforded by a good screen would be a better option to keep from dehydrating.

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those wings are off the bike now. I'll see if I can get some better photos this weekend and post or send to you by private E-mail; your choice. I used 1/4 x 20 stainless steel (button head) bolts and self locking nuts on them and a nylon washer at the pivot point so I could get it pretty tight and still have movement capabilities. I too, hesitated to drill into the fairing, but then figured if it doesn't work out, I can always put a rubber body plug in the hole. Fortunately, they worked out just great with the exception that one of them had a tendancy to get loose after about 5 or 6 pivots. For that, I just picked up an extra 4mm allen wrench and 7/16" wrench at a pawn shop for a few bucks and kept them on the bike all the time.


edit: I also made sure to just never grab the end of the wings and move them in or out. I always made it a habit to reach across the length with my fingers on one end and thumb on the other and rotate them with even pressure at each end. That seemed to keep the twisting stress on the fairing part to a minimum.

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