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The Spin Advances....


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Right Spin that is; and he's celebrating another birthday...


Have a great day Steve, we need a commemorative BBQ run shortly!

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Happy birthday Steve/had I known at ck, I'd have popped for lunch...since you only had a glass of water!



I did buy his lunch.


If he didn't eat it, who did?


Maybe it is still there waiting for someone...



Oh well, Happy Birfday, many healthy returns of the day.


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Thanks everyone. It's been a nice day and all is well here in RightSpinsylvania.


BTW, this groundhog says winter is officially...




...over! Now it will probably snow for three months. :dopeslap:

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Thanks again everyone!


Bud, someone told me there was a candle in that picture, but I can't for the life of me find it. I'll have to look again. :-D

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Contrary to popular belief, advancing in years does NOT advance your riding ability. Just a bit of unsolicited advice.


Ride smart old man.










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Glad you had a good birthday Steve and sorry I am late to the party. I always forget that our birthdays are so close. I think I will celebrate mine by going for a ride.... it's a few days late, but what the heck. :thumbsup:

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Sage advice, Danny. But, I'm actually getting younger as I age, so my results might vary? :-D


Shawn, best idea so far. Did a ride down to Florida the weekend before. Have a good ride and have a happy birthday yourself.

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