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Snowpocalypse Stories and Photos Here!


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You East Coast types have gotten all the winter weather glory this year. It looks like it's our turn (along with 100 million other Americans), with the Chicago area predicted to perhaps get more than 20" of snow, combined with winds up to 50-60 mph. We had a bit of a storm system come through last night, but it was pretty unimpressive.


I don't have any photos, since the Mother of All Blizzards hasn't hit yet, so I'll just share a hyperlinked image from the Chicago Tribune:




Preparations have been made at Mike the Administrator's house. We have lots of wine and cheese, and I recorded a bunch of movies on our DVR, in anticipation of our DirecTV going belly-up during the storm. Oh yeah, I double-checked and we're pretty well set for toilet paper, too. :thumbsup:


If you can think of any other essential preparations, let me know.


Seriously, folks, stay safe! Most of these forecasts seem to fizzle out, but this looks like it might actually happen.

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Here in MA these major storms are a weekly occurance, so much so that we just yawn now when the news blurts that a big "noreaster" is coming through again. Every mid-week for the past month or so we've been getting hammered to the point where we have no place to put the snow anymore; the streets are like canyons now with huge snow banks on either side. I haven't experienced this kind of thing since my high school years in the 70's when I lived in Rome, NY.


For the first few storms I would stay home from work. Today we're undergoing a storm (this same one Mike posted about) that isn't going to be over until tomorrow night. Nonetheless, I am typing this from my cubicle at work. Probably should have ridden the motorcycle in to work...:smirk:

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Boy! Did they get this bugger wrong! Original forecast for today was for a high of 41 and low of 19. Now revised LOWER due to the speed and intensity of this front!


At 6.30a we awoke to 40mph winds and an outside temp of 30F.

Went to the gym at 8.00a....outside temp 28F, left the gym at 9.00 it was 27F and we have falling temps throughout the day with an expected low of 9F - WTF! We left the Chicago 'burbs to get away from this!


This is Central TX for heavens sake :eek:


Battening down the hatches as we speak! Making a roast chicken with veggies today and using the leftovers to make a big pot of home made chicken soup for tomorrow.


Forecast high for tomorrow: below freezing with another low in the single digits! Fearing for our trees, shrubs and plants now.....Jeez :cry: !








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Phil, I remember several rides west from Norman OK when I had to attend the Academy there. I'd leave in the pouring rain and watch as the rain drops on the fairing stopped jiggling and froze solid by the time I got to Shamrock Tx. in the panhandle. Checked with the gas station attendant about the temps. 27 degrees and going down. Gotta love the dry line out there. I always looked forward to getting west of it.

That was without the Gerbing too. Tank bag for a wind block.

Ahh, the good ol' days. That roast chicken sounds good.

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John Ranalletta

We got 1-1.5" inches of ice overnight. I walked over my back lawn to retrieve a 40lb LP tank for my emergency heater from the shed and never broke through the ice cover on the grass. That's about 260lbs supported on the ice.


Ice is forecast from 4p today thru noon tomorrow. Flights are almost all canceled at IND.


Heaters work. Got lots of LP. Generator is tested and ready.


Power crews are staged around town. This could get ugly.


Marion County issued an "orange" travel status = only emergency vehicles allowed to travel and "winter" changed to "ice" storm warning.


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Its been snowing and blowing all night and morning...They are going to call work off shortly...finally get to play in my new Grand Cherokee.....we don't need any stinking streets..just go west!


Pizza and creamy dark ale for all!




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Dry here, maybe half an inch overnight, but cold dry winds have blown it all away. And that's what we've got: cold dry winds. It's winter. :)



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-7F here this morning, coldest temperature since I moved to Torrey. Oh well, it was -60F in Verhojansk, Russia yesterday.


And that groundhog was too drunk to see his shadow which is supposed to be a good thing...

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Joe Frickin' Friday
-7F here this morning, coldest temperature since I moved to Torrey. Oh well, it was -60F in Verhojansk, Russia yesterday.


And that groundhog was too drunk to see his shadow which is supposed to be a good thing...


What do you suppose he was drinking?



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Joe Frickin' Friday

Only about 7 inches on the ground around here. Although it's still snowing a bit, the sun is trying to poke through. Radar says we're not quite done yet.


Workplace is shut down for the day (:clap:), and I just shoveled our driveway. Every school and university around here is shut down - except for the University of Michigan. They got sued a few years ago by a student(s) who was angry about too many snow days - afterall, tuition is about a bazillion dollars, so they wanted all the classroom time they paid for. So they're officially open for business, although they are allowing a lot of leeway for individual profs to cancel classes. Crazy stuff.


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-28 here currently but it is supposed to get up to a high of -2 today. Not much new snow but it is chilly.


A shot of Beaver Creek from the office;


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24"++ on my driveway. Took 2 hrs to clear just the drive. We are supposed to clear the public ways but...

[;' The 38 year old 4 hp Torro worked like a champ.

11:00 am ready for round two.


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Last night:



Love your first photo, Ron -- I felt cold just looking at it. Between the snow and the wind, Chicago seems to be really getting socked. Have you seen anybody out and about with cross country skies or snow shoes?

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All that snow looks quite lovely from, the warmth of my flat screen but I wouldn't want to deal with it.

Thank all of you who don't have the desire to move here and infest the west but wish to bask in the splendor of a real winter. I'd take my hat off to you but my head would get cold.

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my patio door looks like just like that..half snow and ice..it shut my furnace down at 3 am...my vent and exhaust tubes were buried.. my driveway looks like a small glacier.....thank god for Simplicity!

Long day I'm beat..dog and I are crashing out for a while...have a good night


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Just got in from the 4th time that Mr Snow plow shut the driveway.

Burned up the augger belt so a mad dash out for parts. In stock, SWEET!

Not much moving yet. Major roads ofen narrow down fron 2 lanes to 1 turn lanes not plowed yet. Many shopping strips not plowed.

I spent an hour diggin out my Freightliner Tool Truck and then helped the landlord where I park plow the area. Drifts 6 feet up the sides of the truck.

Not really too bad. In 1979 & 1980 we had 100 inch winters, now that was bad. I plowed snow then and ofen spent 24hrs in the cab.

We don't get big snows every year in Chicago so people forget how to plow, drive, stock up etc.

Temps falling to below zero tonight so tomorrow maybe a no work day again. :clap:

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