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Danny S

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Usually I like to hit a red light so I can stop and evaluate the intersection before I pass through. I'm usually extra careful when I catch a green looking for cars coming from all directions. I usually drag my breaks even through a green light.


The other day I caught a green when I was making a left turn out of my work. I usually make this turn from the left lane, but this time I made it from the right lane (both lanes were legal). Well, I came in slow and checked the traffic. Everything was cool, so I leaned and added some throttle to stabilize. Mid corner I hit some grave and the front wheel let go. Luckily the patch of gravel was small and after sliding through the tire caught and I didn't go down, but there was some puckering going on.


Like I said it was coming out of work and I've taken the corner many times but only from the left lane. I thought I knew the corner pretty good, but obviously not. After that I've driven my car through it and it is VERY hard to see the patch of gravel. It comes from the cars pushing the asphalt to the right as they make the turn. This explains why it's the same color as the pavement and is only in the right lane.


Just wanted to post here as a warning. Be extremely careful in intersections, even if there are no cars. It always seems there are debris patches and they aren't always easy to see.


Take Care.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Right side on a left, and vice versa, or left side of the right hand left turn lane, is always where the gasoline spills from full tanks with no caps. Becoming less of a problem over the past few years with changes in car design.

The start of the end of my LEO career resulted from that. To help exonerate me, my training officer did the same thing in diesel about a month later.


I keep it tight.

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Some of worst road snot is in and around a car wash. Seems as if it is popular with customers to gloss up the tires nice and pretty after the car is washed.

Proud motorists pull away with their shiny cars and sling the slippery tire shine all over the road. Almost went down because of that stuff.

Motorcycle safety words are always, "surface appraisal".

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