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No Airport ? No Problem . Personal Aircraft.


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I no nuthin' about the cost of planes, but $139 grand seems inexpensive in the world of $20,000 motorcycles.


That looks like HUGE fun. I really like the whole "sport pilot" rating as well.

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Very nice.

I have seen something very similar in Oshkosh in 2008, I believe. But it had pontoons on the wingtips, seemed a lot less likely to bury the wing tip that way.

As an aside, the pilot of that Oshkosh plane was killed later, in a demo flight.


Gives one pause.


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Can you just image? Giving Southern California drivers a 3rd dimension to screw up in?! "We're beginning our decent. Hold on... let me just text my buddy..."

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It's not as easy as it looks. While there is no special medical exam required for a Sport Pilot license, you still must complete the training and check ride requirements to obtain said license. Then you must take a re-check every 2 years (biennial flight review). And the aircraft will need periodic inspections that are not cheap. Finally, you can't just take of from any deserted piece of road. FAA regulations require all takeoffs and landings be accomplished at airports.

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Does that mean water take off's and landings are out ? At least if that's the case, keeping it in the garage is still a plus .


No, but land operations must be done to and from airports.

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I think they can keep it. It is probably marginal at best at all three missions, land, air and water. I'd take Upflying's Mooney but I don't fit well in Mooney's. Arrows are cheap these days, and that price will get you an older, nicely equippped one.

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