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Getting Ready for African Adventure

Fast Eddy

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As I sit with over 3 feet of snow all around with no way of even taking the bike up my driveway I,m getting psyched for a trip my wife and I are taking to Africa in 2 months. We signed up with Ayres Adventures for their "Call of the Wild" trip in April.We love to travel by bike and for our 30th wedding anniversary we wanted to go somewhere special. Anyone ridden in Africa? Any advice would be appreciated.

Keep the shiney side up!

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That looks amazing. I am only on year 4 of the marriage, congrats on getting to 30! I would love to be able to do something like that with my wife one day.

One of the first questions she asked when I got the RT was, "Where can we ship that thing and go on rides?". Looking into it, it seems that these trips are a better deal, unless you plan on staying for quite a while in some place. Shipping bikes across oceans isn't cheap.


I am thinking a italy trip on a moto in the next couple years would be fun. But for now we are planning on heading from NorCal to Yellowstone.

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Hi Ryan

Its great your wife likes to ride. My wife likes to ride on my bike with no desire to ride her own and thats fine with me. Our longest trip was in 2008 we rode to the BMW rally in Gillette Wy then went on to see the Grand Tetons and lastly Glacier Nat Park which has a really great road called "Going to the sun road."(7020 mi) You might want to add that to your Yellowstone trip.If you look into it now you might be able to get a reservation in the Yellowstone Lodge. Its pretty cool sitting on their balcony and watching old faithful go off. Plus you can stay in the park later and get some great photos in the good light and not have to ride too far in the dark.(lots of animals) We've also taken a 3 week Alpine adventure Tour with The Beaches, A 2 week tour through Norway ( which is still the most beautiful place we' ever ridden)with Nordic Bike Tours and 2 week trip to New Zealand with GOTOURNEWZEALAND. As I think of all the places we've been I guess I'm just gettin older. I'll ride as long as I'm able.I feel theres no better way to travel and see the world.

Good luck on your Yellowstone trip. Its a great place.

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You could ping johnlt. If i'm not mistaken he did a moto trip in South Africa with some friends few couple years back.

Then again, I might be completely wrong about that....




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