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Unscheduled Get-Offs? FREE Protection


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I am an ATGATT guy who has been riding since 1968. Yes I have had unscheduled Get-Offs. ATGATT has proven great insurance for me. As the miles and years are piling up, with reaction skills slowing, senses weakening, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack and being put on a medical drug regiment; I found the need to carry emergency information with me.


Not finding anything suitable that would fit my needs, and fit in my wallet next to my driver's license, I have created one and the site to let others make this emergency contact and medical alert card for FREE. I do offer 2 low cost items for protection and lower back comfort to help support this site.



“This card can literally save your life and it’s FREE.”

It only takes a few minutes, Don’t wait !


First Responders, EMT’s and healthcare giver are trained to immediately look for these types of medical alerts.


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has found that the lack of documented medical information available to the healthcare giver is the #1 cause of 98,000 deaths a year. This becomes even more important when traveling on a motorcycle for all the reasons you can think. Yes you should really add an emergency contact and medical information card to your All The Gear All The Time.


Your FREE card will include:

1. Personal information: Name, address, DOB and phone number.

2. Emergency contacts’ that could give permission for care: Names, phone numbers, and relationships.

3. Doctors: Names, phone numbers and their specialties.

4. List of medical conditions such as; heart problems, type 2 diabetes, and allergies.

5. List of current medications, dosages and frequency.

(None of this information can be stored or saved on any computer or system. It is safe and secure.)


Make your FREE card(s) for

• Doctors or Dentists. They always ask what medications you are currently taking, so make a card for them. It will save you a bunch of time.

• Each of your Emergency Contacts. These contacts should also know your medical conditions and medications when and if they ever half to be contacted.

• For your car glove box and motorcycle.

• For your wallet and place it behind or in front of your driver’s license.


Go back and make more as information changes or for others.




Please use this FREE service and tell others.

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Joe Frickin' Friday
Bill, carrying emergency contact information while riding is a good idea. Posting ads for your site here is not.


Per the user agreement, business owners are permitted a one-time commercial announcement. We pulled the earlier post until we could talk to Bill about his enterprise; this thread was posted with our approval.

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he doesn't apply to HIPPA, its a PDF that you download, you print, you keep. No information leaves your computer that you don't want printed.


His other items are of some interest.

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